Outdoor cats indoors -- YIKES !!!

ryseryse_2004January 6, 2014

With days and days of sub-zero temps we can't leave these cats outside overnight - not even in the daytime. We fortunately have a guest house so all seven are in there now. They normally spend a little time inside so know all about the litter (pools) so that isn't a problem but they are sooooo bored!!!

You would think they would play with each other but they just don't do that. Don't know why. Two of them are BFF and are just snuggling but the others don't know what to do with themselves. They hate this and I do also! Cleaning litter pools twice a day isn't pleasant and then what to do with the pounds of clumps is something I will have to worry about later. Can't just throw it outside because the dogs will eat it, nasty creatures that they are - and then throw up all over when they come into the house..

Where is that global warming when you need it?

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Never heard of litter pools. I guess that's litter boxes.

I can imagine the confinement is difficult but you are probably saving their lives or at least keeping them comfortable. Lucky kitties.

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Litter pools are baby swimming pools used for litter boxes. I have two of them and all the cats are happy using them fortunately. Takes a lot of litter though.

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You hit the nail on the head when you said
'the others don't know what to do with themselves. They hate this'

They're disoriented & leary, & I don't know of a thing you can do other than try to not rattle them further.

Although I'm tempted to make the same joke about global warming, I don't, because so many people just don't realize what it really is;
it isn't just 'warming'; it's violent disruption of normal weather patterns, too, as warm air moves faster. Rest assured, summer will be along in a few months!

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RyseRyse - If it helps, every time you clean those litter pools, think of me and many others, who think you are a wonderful person for thinking and caring about your furry friends. You should feel a warm fuzzy glow every time you do it, cyber-hugs are being sent your way.

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Maybe some fur mice and some cardboard boxes would help. We've had a box in the living room since Christmas and our cats are having a big time taking turns in it.

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I was going to suggest the same thing Jeane just suggested. Most cats find boxes irresistable. Bless you for helping those kitties stay out of the horrible cold!

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cardboard boxes of all sizes, large paper grocery bags, the plastic rings off of milk jug caps. ping pong balls, tennis balls, lightweight (small) throw rugs, crumpled up small paper balls, straws, chunks of firewood ... these are all good distractions for bored cats.They need things to hide in and under and things to chase and bat around.


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