Substitution for Gin in a recipe?

donna_loomisNovember 12, 2009

I found a recipe for a chicken casserole that I would like to try. Along with the other ingredients, it calls for 1 cup of dark beer and 3 tablespoons of dry gin. We do not drink. I do sometimes cook with alcohol, but usually a wine and it eventually gets used up. I can buy a can of beer, no problem, but I'm balking a bit at purchasing an entire bottle of Gin, knowing that I will most likely not use it again (unless this casserole is super yummy).

I have no idea what Gin tastes like, so I don't have a clue as to what I could substitute. Can anyone help me out here? TIA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Casserole

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I understand not wanting to buy a whole bottle but gin does have a particular flavor that is hard to sub. Juniper berries or maybe even star anise would be a good sub or you could by a mini bottle which contains 1 oz (ie 2 Tablespoons) of gin.

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It just occurred to me that fresh rosemary might work too

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You can buy little airline sized bottle of hard liquor at Bev Mo. Probably other places, too. I think my corner liquor store even has them.

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Gin tastes faintly of juniper berries....I think who ever wrote that recipe had a bottle of gin they didn't know what to do with...or else they were looking for something a bit strange to cook with.
Either omit it or sub a little white wine....like1 tablespoon because there isn't enough alcohol in wine to flame.
I am not enamored with the recipe....the combination of juniper berries, gin and beer sounds a little like someone had too many boilermakers while trying to cook a chicken.
Linda C

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I also was going to suggest "miniatures" if they sell them in your area. That recipe sounds interesting - I would borrow a few tablespoons from someone- certainly you know someone who drinks...........I would have no problem giving a nondrinker a little Gin :)

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Interesting that Kandm suggested possibly subbing juniper berries. The recipe calls for them. In that case I might be able to omit the gin entirely.

It's been a looong time since I've been in a liquor store and I've never seen miniature bottles in the grocery store. That's probably the route I'll go.

I do use rosemary quite often and have a plant in the garden.

"I would have no problem giving a nondrinker a little Gin" - Magothyrivergirl, as everyone knows, the written word can often be interpreted more than one way and that comment made me giggle. Thanks for the laugh.

The only people in my circle of friends and family who drink are pretty much wine drinkers, at least at family gatherings. But I guess I could ask anyway. Silly me, didn't think of that either.

LOL, LindaC.

Thanks for your help.

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Donna - Busted!! Definitely a sound bite taken out of context!!! You made me laugh at myself - always good for the soul :)

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I'd sub a bit of vodka and be done with it. ;)

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Barnmom, vodka is as foreign to me as gin is, LOL.

Well, I just shared the recipe with my coworkers and mentioned not having the gin and one gal immediately offered to bring me a bit. She says they don't drink it either (they are wine drinkers), but keep it on hand for one of their friends. She even said that she might have juniper berries and will bring me some of those, too.

Problem solved.

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That's good news donna, it's a good idea to use a bit of alcohol in some recipes because certain flavors (esp some of those in tomatoes) are only fully soluble in alcohol.

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