Anyone mix paint at 2X colorant? (eg. Linen White)

saydeNovember 2, 2010

Indian White -- a bit too salmon (from the orange) but value is good

Linen White -- would like the value a bit less bright, but not orange.

If I double the Linen White it would be similar to the Indian White but with less orange and no black (and a bit more grey) -- and same amount of yellow. Has anyone used Linen White with hyped colorant?

Linen White: OY8, OG 0.5, GY 11 BK -zero.

Indian White: OY 16,OG 2, GY 16 BK -1.

Linen White x2: OY 16 OG 1, GY 11 BK zero.

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Seems to me it would be easier to find a paint chip that you like, even if it means switching to another brand of paint.

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I hate to say this, but I'm with graywings on this. I KNOW how frustrating the search for the right white color can be, but I've done both: custom create a color (based on a match ... sort of) and picked one from the pre-made choices. It is SO much easier to use one that is pre-made, especially if you ever intend to use the color elsewhere in your house. I would encourage you to keep looking across all brands and you'll find the color you like!

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I looked at F&B, C-2, Behr, Martha Stewart, SW and BM. I have a feeling I might have found something in Ralph Lauren but they no longer sell anywhere near here. I finally decided to try a quart of the Linen White at 2x. I think it is going to work. Ironically, now that I have it I see it is pretty close to SW Creme, but the SW Creme seems just the slightest bit greener and "sharper" than the 2X Linen White. In any case, I think I'm content with this -- it is a nice soft clear color (not grey, may-be that also means not complex) and seems to work with the tile. After a couple days of going through all the lighting situations I'll be more certain.

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Content is good! Good luck!

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I am continuing to evaluate the BM Linen White x2. I painted two large sections of wall using this shade in Aura Matte. At first it looked really yellow but as the light changes it looks more neutral and more right for the room. Just by chance I picked up a book I have from the library about Donald Kaufman color and started flipping through. I stopped at a full page swatch of DKC 28. Put it next to my Linen White x2 painted wall. Looks very, very close. Still not sure if this is the "right" color though . . . .

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