Anyone use Mythic paint ?

kyjoNovember 27, 2009

Has anyone used Mythic paint? How was it overall? I am getting ready to paint my bedroom and have decided to try Mythic paint. I really like how aura levels and wonder how Mythic compares? Thanks.

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I was thinking of using it in the kitchen. I've heard great things about it. Did you use it yet?

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I chickened out and ended up using BM aura in Olive Branch.
Although I need to paint the playroom and I am going to try the Mythic there. I just ordered a couple of samples. I' ll let you know how it goes.
If you happen to beat me to it please let me know as well.

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First time I've visited this forum, and I've been scrolling through old posts for ones that interest me.

I realize this is an old post that I'm resurrecting, but since I've used Mythic, I thought I'd comment. I have Mythic's Honey Comb in one room, painted it about two years ago, and it looks as good now as it did when I first put it up. The paint has a nice "dimensional" effect, for want of a better word -- there is the sense of softness and almost a bit of thickness to it that I like very much.

I'm now doing a laundry room/mud room and have just put Mythic's Warm Welcome on the ceiling (two coats). It went on beautifully, dried both to the touch and to recoating quickly, and had very little odor. My only quibble is that the paint itself isn't as warm and as creamy a color as the paint chip suggested it would be. Yes I know...I should buy samples. And any way, once the walls are done, the warmth of the ceiling color may show up better.

The walls will be painted, starting tomorrow in fact, in Mythic's Hush (AF-95).

Under both ceiling and walls are Mythic's latex primer. We'd had this room enlarged, so the original part had already been painted (in a semi-medium dark tannish shade, including the ceiling); the new part is drywall. All with lots of patching in spots. The primer went on easily and, if the ceiling is a gauge, does a great job of hiding.

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used it in bedroom. Hardly any odor. I think it smelled a little like cotton candy. Was able to sleep in the room that night. My husband had not application issues, etc. Color looked great.

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