Metronidazole-can it be crushed to add to food

debbiep_gwJanuary 28, 2007

Hi,in my previous post asking for tips on how to give the dog her medicine,the medicine is metronidazole 500mg,one and half tablet every 24 hours.Anyone know if it is ok to crush this medicine before giving it to her in food as shes giving me trouble with this medicine.Thanks for the tips everyone provided to.Debbie

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You need to check with your veterinarian's office, but it would appear from a quick web search that there are several different types of metronidazole. Some types apparently can be crushed, some can't.

My suggestion?

Get yourself a big block of stinky liverwurst or braunschweiger and encapsulate the pills in it.

I've yet to meet a dog that won't woof down liverwurst.

But, if that still doens't help, use the liverwurst, open the dog's mouth, insert it into the back of the throat with your fingers, and hold fido's mouth closed (gently) until he swallows it and licks his nose.

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Metronidazole tastes HORRIBLE. If you crush it and mix it with food, your dog will probably not eat it. The stuff is nasty, even to species that eat poop.

I'd suggest putting the whole pill in a spoonful of peanut butter. My dogs take many many medications every day, and haven't noticed them in the peanut butter.

(my Ana doesn't like liverwurst, but she's weird:)

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debbie - I posted on your other thread to give the pill in velvetta. If your dog is having a GI problem, don't use the velvetta as it is very fatty. I use metronidazole on old gal when she has a bout of the runs, and do not give it in velvetta. Usually when my old gal is on metronidazole, she is also on a low residue diet. I then add the wet low residue into the dry and put the pills in that. She gobbles her food regardless of how bad she is feeling.

As for crushing, you need to call the vet.

You can just pill your dog if its only a matter of one med. Put your dog in a sit position, sit or kneel or stand next to him/her (very close and in control), lift her head, open her mouth with one hand, support her head with the other (pill in the supporting hand) as soon as you get her mouth open wide enough, shove the pill down as far as you can and close her mouth. Keep her mouth closed for a few moments. She can still breath thru the nose. You can even blow on her nose to get her to swallow. She'll swallow it. Then be sure you offer something to drink or something to eat. Ugh, the things I have done:))

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I am pretty sure they make this in a liquid and that I am giving it to my cat right now. You can ask your vet. I find it much easier to administer liquids and I ask for all meds to be in liquid form. So far they are only unable to get one in a liquid because it is so new.

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Thanks everyone.We decided just to "pill"her and be done with it.We knew how to do it but I just preferred to put it in her food.She won't go near peanut butter now because that was one of the treats I hid it in during the beginning of treatment.Debbie

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