Mixing SW Universal Khaki (SW- 61) with BM White Dove?

SparklingWaterNovember 25, 2012

I did do a search for this on GW as well as google so pardon me if this has been asked before.

Is it possible to lighten up SW Universal Khaki a bit with some BM White Dove? We have BM White Dove all throughout the house on cabinets, woods, trims, baseboards and we love its warmth. I have SW Khaki too in the foyer.

I am thinking of painting a living room wall in the SW Khaki but wish to lighten it up a shade. Can I mix our abundant BM White Dove in to the new gallon of SW Khaki and if so, any suggestions on how much to add? Too late now to have the store do it. Thanks in advance.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Can you? yes
Should you? NO

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christophern, would you elaborate for why this is not a good idea? Will it screw up the texture of the paint? Will the two paints not admix well (even if taken to my friend at the paint store to give it a good shake)? I do get the mixed paints MUST be even through the Khaki so you don't have blotching, but is it more than that? Thanks.

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I would not do it because you don't know how it will turn out and look on the wall. You could end up ruining a gallon of paint.

Also, I would hazard a guess that the Dove White is made up in a glossier formula than the Universal Khaki. If so, that might play into how it looks on the wall. I would not chance it.

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I've made up my own colors, but I use the same paint brand and same sheen level.

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Thanks all. Idea discarded for all reasons above. Still have plenty of trim and crown and doors which need the Dove White, and walls in need of the SW Khaki. Now on to painting.

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It's all good. I finished my first ever paint job, a 16 foot, 2 french door LR wall today! I spent a lot of time on prep, as the trim, baseboard, doors and even walls had been used hard over the last decade (my kids I think). I rebuilt a couple of wall door trim edges with good wood putty which took a while and couple of coats. Also used SW elastomeric caulk on a 1/8 gap where wood wall met, my first ever caulking job. Just took it slow and kept exhaling. Found the Black and Decker Mighty Mouse to be a helpful power house, but there was a sharp learning curve on delicate use with it.

The SW Universal Khaki looks stunning next to SW Rugged Brown-better then SW Favorite Tan which had been there. My favorite trim color, BM White Dove finishes the palette perfectly! I now understand there is a lighter SW Khaki but frankly with four windows, the lighting looks just right!

Thanks for your help. I stuck to your advice as well as read GW prep paint basics and got it done and all back together again in time for the holidays.

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