Help me find right shade of Olive Sage Green

lala14b1November 21, 2011

Hi, I have been searching endlessly for the right color of sage/olive green shown in this picture:

also shown:

Some of the olives seem too dark (i.e. SW Olive grove) (or is it??) and some of the sages seem not olivey enough (ie: california paints pettingill sage shown here:


Green is a hard color to match - especially on the computer!! I don't want to use green unless it's this color. Any advice/help/suggestions?

Suggestions on any paint color are also welcome - since if i can't find this, i may bag the whole idea of green. I have RL plage de or bedding

and wood furniture (medium to dark tone). My carpet is beige.

I'd like something that I can use on all walls and not be too "dark" or depressing but I do have 4 windows and a medium/large size room so probably have some flexibility here.

THanks so much in advance.

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This is Ben Moore "Old Salem Gray" but it's an olive color. I my bedroom:


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