Recommend your soap dispenser

Molly PhillipsFebruary 2, 2013

I know I want a soap dispenser at each of my sinks so this really isn't a thread to discuss the pros and cons - every google search I've done regarding soap dispensers does show a lot of passion either way, though!

But when googling, it seems there are more older threads, so not much talk recently about ones that have been in use in kitchens for some time. I am interested in hearing from those of you who have a soap dispenser and want to share with those of us shopping - ones that don't clog, seem solid...and if they are fairly inexpensive, all the better! I prefer a contemporary look (less frills, so less nooks to clean) and I'm using brushed nickel/vibrant stainless finishes.

Also, I definitely want them to stick out over into the sinks so extra soap doesn't drip onto the counters. Does that mean I need one of the taller ones or does height not matter?

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I have two of these Elkays from the Gourmet series used with hand soap.

Fourteen months without issue. I loved my old soap dispenser so much that I knew I wanted one at each sink in the new kitchen. These are solid, sturdy, don't drip, have a fairly length spout, and are easy to use. Hooking them a NeverMt means rarely having to refill the soap bottle. My prep sink dispenser was hooked to a new Costco sized bottle of soap and has been going strong for 14 months.

I checked the price for someone the other day and found it to be around $70.

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Hi breezy (again!) How do you hook it to a bottle beneath the counter? That sounds cool - how do you think of all this?!!

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Hi Ak. NeverMT is the name of the nifty gadget I, and many of us here, use. It has tubing that connects from the bottom of the soap disposer under the sink to a bottle of whatever liquid soap or detergent you want. The bottle cab be whatever size you want. This is sooooooo much easier than refilling the little plastic bottle that comes with the disposer.

If you google around GW, you'll find some folks who have made their own with tubing and whatever else is needed. I'm not that handy so bought mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: NeverMT

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Right now I have a cheap home depot soap dispenser and it works great. You lift out the spout and fill it from the top. Super easy. I never had one before because I thought they wouldnt work well. But then the kids broke the expensive Portmerion soap dispenser-- twice.

If my cheapie works great can't imagine they all don't.

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Tricia--apparently they don't. Search past threads here and you'll find many a tale of unhappy people claiming horrid dispenser experiences at every price point.

I think they're one of the slickest inventions since sliced bread!

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Molly Phillips

Well, that's one reason why I posted, of the local plumbing companies priced out a Delta soap dispenser at around $35. I'm wondering if that is fine - I'd much rather spend $70 for two than $70 for one - but I also don't want it clogging up. I like your Elkay one but for $140.....

Breezy, as an aside, you have been super helpful with your posts. I have two silgranit sinks headed my way soon as proof! You should get commission for many of your recs, you're so passionate about them. :)

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I wasn't even sure I wanted a soap dispenser with my new sink/faucet, because it's such a pain to fill those little plastic bottles. I'm definitely getting one now that I know about the NeverMT. Thanks, Breezy!

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I have the Delta ones and they are great. Have had the same type for many years and no issues so I just put the same ones in again in our recent reno. No clogs and never a single drip, and simple top refilling.

Btw, the chrome one is on sale for $19 at amazon now. Stainless is a whopping $37, lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta soap dispenser

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Molly Phillips

Of course the stainless one is almost $20 more, taggie....that's the color I need. :) Thanks for the recommendation on the Delta!

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I have a Franke, which I use with Dawn and my homemade NeverMT (i.e., just some vinyl tubing). No problems after about 6 months of use.

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I have KWC Primo on cleanup and prep sinks for over 7 years with no problem. Expensive but worth it to have them work.

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