BM Aura paint for cabinets?

artemis78November 15, 2010

Posted this over on Kitchens too, but occurred to me that there might be some good answers here too!

Our cabinetmaker prefers to use BM Aura semi-gloss for cabinets, but if we specify another paint in the BM line, he can use that instead. (We could technically buy another paint like FPE or F&B, but it would not be covered, whereas the BM paint is included in the contract, so we would prefer to stick with that since we're on a tight budget.)

Thoughts/successes/failures on using Aura on cabinets? Are there other BM paints you'd recommend instead? (We are in CA and do not have easy access to oil-based paints anymore so oil-based Impervo is out.)

If it matters, the cabinets are paint-grade maple with MDF door panels in the Shaker-style doors. They will be painted a light gray so we should be fine with any base.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Let the man use what he prefers. There are better products for cabinets than Aura. With that said, however, Aura is no shrinking violet in the line up of paint choices for cabinetry.

If he likes to (if he can) use Aura and it's included, there's no reason to complicate things and making choices to keep happy the one who is doing the actual labor can bring benefits. Properly prepped surface and Aura in a light gray semi should serve you nicely for many years to come.

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Thanks! I guess my question was just mostly whether any of those better products are in the BM line (or, it sounds like, possibly Cabinet Coat, which some BM dealers seem to stock though it's not their product). If we go with something fancy like FPE or F&B we're on our own, but anything BM sells is fair game.

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Lori A. Sawaya

I guess my question was just mostly whether any of those better products are in the BM line

I'd say no. Aura is a really good choice since oil is not an option. Plus bonus points since that's what cabinetmaker wants to use.

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BM makes more enamels than you can shake a stick at - and, like every other can of paint, each has trade offs. That said, when it comes to durability, Aura is certainly their best.

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