Difficulty With Modern paint

Michele222November 8, 2011

I have been painting my own homes for 33 years. I have also had work done by professionals. My favorite professional is too busy to help me with my current project.

My husband built a new mantel for our dining room fireplace. It is faithful to the period of our house which was built in 1903.

I am accustomed to using oil paint on trim. Recognizing that the oil paints are disappearing due to the VOCs I chose a can of BVM Regal Select semi-gloss to paint out new mantel to match the rest of the room. I am using Simply White.

I sanded and primed the mantel which is not yet installed. I used a good Purdy brush and attempted to apply a couple of coats of the BM paint. I am careful not to load the brush too much. I have had a terrible time with the paint. It dries too quickly making it difficult to avoid brush strokes. I read online how the new paints much be brushed from the dry into the wet. I tried to do that. Even though the paint dries quickly it still manages to make drips on the edges which are difficult to correct without making a mess of the rest of the paint around it.

We went to the paint store to see if we should be using another type of paint. They still have the Satin Impervo in oil though I know that has changed from the old SI.

There is also a new hybrid oil/waterborne product called Advance. The owner of the store told us that he had some painters working with Advance in his house now. He feels that it drips all over the place and sags. I watched a demo of this paint on the BM site. It looked like a good product to me.

My husband bought some of the BM extender to help make the RS flow better and be less sticky. He sanded off what I had already done and did pretty well on the first coat. The second coat he may have thinned too much as it dripped here and there and he failed to see the drips before it dried.

I understand that you can't "go over" the new paints to fix holidays or other problems until they have dried. I talked to my favorite painter on the phone. I told him to send a bill for his advice. He thinks that I should get the next level down in the BM line in the pearl formulation. he feels that it goes on nice. The owner of the paint store seemed against that idea. I find the semi gloss too shiny. The paint store people say that it dulls down in a month or so. I thought the pearl finish might be more appropriate for an old house.

Should I try another line of paint entirely? I really am a good painter. Fred, my favorite professional offered to hire me once after seeing my work.

I had hoped to have our new old style mantel up for Thanksgiving but am losing hope.

Would any of you have a paint that you have worked with recently that you feel is reasonable in its application needs?

Thank you all so much,


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I'd like to mention that I used Aura exterior semi gloss on an exterior door this summer. I chose the next level paint down for my interior trim as I found the Aura tricky to use. It was a six panel door. I followed the classic directions for painting a six panel door but it was a little scary at times. I read somewhere that with Aura it might be best to paint the horizonals and let it dry before painting the verticals to avoid an unsightly potential overlap at the meeting point.

I also realize that I made a mistake in my original post. I mean BM Regal Select not BVM Regal Select.


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I don't have nearly your level of experience, and I've used BM Regal and Regal Select only for the walls. But I have had good luck with the waterbased Satin Impervo (I did use an extender) for doors and trim. There aren't many visible brush marks. You can see them only up very close, as is often try with oil based paints (or any paint that isn't sprayed).

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Have you ever tried a roller and back brushing on larger surfaces?

Rolling and brushing allows you to cover the area twice as fast and you don't have to go back to the paint with the brush.

Roll on a layer of paint and lightly lay the brush on the paint and smooth out the roller stipple. Fast and easy.

1. prepare a brush and roller for painting.
2. roll on an even coat of paint.
3. using the prepared brush, lightly back brush over the rolled paint to smooth it. No lap marks, no dipping your brush, etc.

Make sense?

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

If it was me, I would go with the SI oil. It is not what it once was, but it is not bad. I have heard many good comments on the advance, but cannot judge as I have not used it yet.

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I bought a quart of the BM Advance paint in Satin finish this morning. I am going to give it a try this afternoon on some scrap wood. I will report my findings.

I really appreciate the advice I have received from all of you. A friend of mine suggested the foam roller trick as well. I am interested in trying that approach. She painted her kitchan cabinets with a foam roller while the cabinet doors were out being sprayed by a professional.

When we were at the paint store discussing the Regal the store owner also suggested using a high volume low pressure spayer. He had one for sale at about $139. I believe it was an Earley or some name like that. I read some reviews about it online. It received mixed reviews depending on what sort of coating was being sprayed.

Have any of you used an inexpensive unit like this one? My husband feels that it might be good for painting his boat.

The store owner said that various painters were using this unit to do louvered doors. He did not claim that it was up to daily heavy work but that it had its uses.

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It's unfortunate that you don't have a small project to practice on before painting the mantle. I paint sporadically and with various types and brands of paint. When I haven't painted in a while or am working with a new paint, it takes a while to get used to it. Maybe you need more paint on the brush, and then a second dry brush to pick up the drip edges.

I think that using a spray painter would just be another learning curve to overcome.

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Thank you, Graywings! I would never have thought of using a dry brush to catch the drips. I really appreciate your telling me about this technique. I will tell my husband about it.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Using a dry brush it called *tipping off*. :) All professionals do it.

Wooster even makes a tipping off brush.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I think that using a spray painter would just be another learning curve to overcome.

I agree 100%

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IMO - semigloss laytex paint is an awful product.

I'd use a polyurathane or a solvent based paint.

Another trick that has worked well for me, is to use flat latex wall paint, and cover it with an acrylic polyurathane - it's crystal clear, non-yellowing, tough as nails.

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Floetrol added to the paint extends the open time of the paint.

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an oil paint devotee but decided to try this new waterbourne alkyd. Primed all the trim and doors, used the Advance Primer, then two coats of Advance satin. Actually liked it better than Satin Impervo. Finish is gorgeous. Good flow time and excellent levelling.

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