Painter wants to take windows off to paint them

suzettewNovember 6, 2011

Hello, I have a two story craftsman house, which has been remodeled from the ground up, including new casement windows and new siding, and I want to paint the exterior before the Southern California rainy season sets in.

The windows are custom casement windows, pre-primed wood on both sides. The brand is Jeldwen Aurolast.

One of the paint contractors bidding on the job has told me that the ONLY way to paint these windows properly is to take the casements (the opening part of the window) off, remove the weather stripping, take off the hinges and all hardware, then spray-paint them.

This sounds like a lot of work, and he is the only person that said that the casements HAVE to come off before painting them.

So, what is the story? Is he right?

Thanks in advance for any input. ;-)

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i'd call the manufacturer and find out what they suggest.

I'm kinda guessing they don't make and sell pre-primed windows so people can take them apart to spray paint them.

I suppose spray painting them will look flawless, but what's the cost???

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Usually, we want to take out wood casement window sashes so that they can be painted properly. Remember that when a casement window is open, it is technically outside, so it is important to seal and paint the tops and bottoms completely. The sash will last longer this way. Now, every brand of window is different. Some you can access the tops and bottoms without taking the sash out, but usually not. Also, it may be easier to take all the hardware off anyway than it is to paint around it all. I'm not surprised either that only one painter suggested taking the windows out. Most painters will do whatever is faster, not what is the correct way.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

And there are manufacturers (high end) that pre-treat the sash edges with waterproofing sealer and do not recommend any paint or stain be applied to that area.

Call JeldWen and talk with the Technical Service, Finishing Department for a PDF on "how to finish" their products.

For example: Pella Windows

1. Casement and awning windows: Painting, staining or finishing the vertical and horizontal sash edges is optional.

2. Double-hung windows: Painting, staining or finishing the horizontal sash edges is optional. Do not finish the vertical sash edges. Any finish on the vertical sash edges may cause the sash to stick.

3. Sliding patio doors: Painting, staining or finishing the vertical and horizontal door panel edges is optional. Please see related article Removing the movable panel on sliding patio doors for finishing.

4. Hinged patio doors: Painting, staining or finishing the vertical and horizontal door panel edges is optional.

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