jxbrownJanuary 5, 2013

Our poodle had to have a largish sebaceous cyst removed. The vet said to return in 14 days for stitch removal. That seems like a long time. In people we usually do 5-7 days based on the location. Any ideas? She's wearing a t-shirt instead of a cone now which is a relief.

The vet kissed my dog on the top of her head. If I kissed one of my patients, iI'd get reported to the medical board! My patients aren't as cute as my dog....

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whenever i've had a dog with stitches, it's always 10-14 days before they are removed. sounds like your vet is a real sweetheart!

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Mine have had stitches out at the two week mark each time they had them so I think that's fairly standard.

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Yep, two weeks.

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Most dogs are a lot more active than most human beings. All that activity can put a lot of strain on sutures and newly healing tissue. 10-14 days is pretty standard for animal suture removal. Better safe than sorry and let the sutures stay in a little longer to insure stable wound healing.


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My dog just had stitches as well due to an injury and due to work schedules and covering for others who were on vacation I could not get back to them on day 14 (which would also have been Christmas day so they wouldn't be open), so they pushed the removal out even further saying it would be no problem leaving them in longer. I took the cone off on day 14 and miraculously he left the stitches alone until we went in for removal several days later.

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