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h5homeFebruary 17, 2013

Hi everyone,

I feel like something is a little off with our kitchen design and I don't know what. Does this look like a functional kitchen to you? Anything you would be concerned about or change? I love the size and placement of the island. It is 14'2"x11'10".

We are changing the following:

-The home office is being turned into the pantry.
-The current pantry will become a desk area.
-The sink and stove will be moved off center since I will use the island as my main prep area.

Thanks for your help!

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Sorry, but the image is too small for me to see the kitchen! Can you also post a blow-up of the kitchen area?

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Sorry about that! Hopefully this is better.

The island is 8' long. I'm wondering if that is too big for the space now. The space between the island and the stove will be 4'6".

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to get it started:
- how many people in the family?
- how many cooks/bakers, etc?

1. I'd move the fridge closer to the pantry/Diningroom.
I rather people walk by the pantry to get to the fridge than to walk past the range to get to the fridge.
Or w/ the new pantry, you can put the fridge where the pantry is currently.

2. do you envision a lot of sitting at the island?
consider putting a stool at the end of the island, because sitting in a straight line is not easy for conversation.

where will you put the trash and microwave?
is this new build? how will you vent out, up through attic?

Good luck,

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There are five people (and one medium/large dog) in the family consisting of two adults and three small kids. Both my husband and I cook, but usually not at the same time, but there is never just one person in the kitchen!

It is a new build. We will probably do an over the range microwave for cost purposes since we are on a very tight budget. In our current home the trash is in one of the base cabinets and it works well for us now. We might bring an extra can out for parties.

If we put the fridge where the current pantry is located then where would you suggest putting a small desk area? If I leave the desk there and put the fridge behind it then it will open directly to the island and put a big wall right next to the desk. I do like the idea of getting it out of the corner.

I never thought about sitting in a straight line hindering a conversation. I do love a big island, but function and flow are top priority. Would you suggest making the island smaller to fit a chair on the side? I'm guessing that if I just add another chair it will be too tight to walk behind it comfortably.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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any possibility of turning the island/stove run into a U with seating on the great room side? Then you could have the fridge further down as suggested and shorten up with island (which would then be a peninsula) allowing for a little more walking room. It seems the fridge way down there would cause a traffic jam right where you don't want it. Plus, the shortest distance being a straight line... the best line from the great room to the fridge is right through your work space.

Can you carve out a desk area in the pantry, if it's a must have?

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