Laser declawing

orieJanuary 30, 2010

Anyone heard of this procedure? Suppose to be the latest thing in declawing. Doesn't involve removing the joint just lasering the claw. If you've heard of it or have had it done to your cat, pls. let me know your opinion. Thanks.

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The last joint is still amputated with laser surgery. Pain and recovery time seem to be improved.

Laser surgery is another option available for declawing your cat. A laser declaw surgery requires anesthesia and amputation of the bone and nails (as in traditional declaw surgery). However, a surgical laser can offer several advantages to a scalpel. As it cuts, the laser automatically seals small blood vessels and nerve endings around the cut, which means less bleeding and less pain. Patients can thus experience a quicker return to their normal activities.

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It's still amputating the toes. Just not with as much blood shed.

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Declawing is still declawing. It is the same as getting the top joint of your fingers cut off...

Please check out these sites:

and a few alternatives to declawing:

Please don't declaw!!!

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There is less pain and less blood with laser declawing but as mentioned above the procedure is still the same. You still amputate the toes from the last joint; otherwise the nails grow back.

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I guess declawing is out then. I could never declaw another cat. I was hoping the laser option was just removing the claw without the joint removal but I guess I wasn't informed enough so thanks for letting me know it's no different.

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Just teach your cats not to use their claws on the furniture. Provide a scratching board or post for them to sharpen their claws on and encourage them to use it...good luck

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Some people have had success with SOFT PAWS. Worth a try.

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