shots, overnight potty breaks, other newbie puppy questions

Fori is not pleasedJanuary 10, 2011

Against our better judgment, we picked out a dog for our family and he's younger than we'd been considering. So he'll need everything including his second set of shots. I have some random questions as we are very inexperienced dog people. We'll ask at the shelter when we pick him up but more opinions are more useful than one.

The little guy is 12 weeks old, fixed, about 23 lbs., and has his first set of shots. We know to not take him in public until he's fully vaccinated, but how cautious do we need to be about parvovirus? Our area is very doggy. Do we need to take off our shoes before entering his area?

We will attempt crate training. We don't know if he'll need to go out at night--do you wake a sleeping puppy and drag him outside to pee or do you only do it if he wakes up? And is it cruel to take a sleepy puppy outside at night in the dead of winter? We're talking low 40s here! Cold! :) He has a short coat but it's pretty dense. H won't freeze but he might be startled by the temperature drop.

And yeegads--does a Kong toy ever stop smelling? There was an awful stench in the beautiful clean shelter and I thought it was because there were 4 puppies in the room but now that I've brought home some toys, I realize it's the Kong. Oy. It's terrible.

Should I roll up my rugs? Okay, I can answer that one myself. :)

I doubt that he's ever worn a collar. If a collar and leash freak him out, I imagine that will make housetraining him difficult. Is there any way around that? I guess I could set up a pen in the yard where I want him to go and drop him there when it's time. Or is it unlikely to even be a problem?

Any advice? Useful tips? Thanks!

By the way, if you are ever reincarnated as a shelter animal, may I recommend the Silicon Valley Humane Society? It's like the Four Seasons. I almost feel guilty removing an animal from that swanky abode. I do feel guilty not getting one from a regular shelter but we weren't able to find a dog that fit. I want to adopt all the cats at my city shelter and dump them at this place in the middle of the's that nice!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

This is what I did with my puppy - she is now 8 months old. I got a puppy play pen and plastic rug protectors to set it on. I put it in the family room since that is where I spend almost all of my day. She would stay in there when I couldn't keep an eye on her and also at night. I decided to sleep in a recliner (and I did it for probably three months, but she was 8 weeks when I got her) and when she would whine during the night, I would take her out with a harness and leash. You don't have to wake a puppy. He will wake you.

As for collar and leash, my pup was a bucking bronco when I started getting her use to a collar and leash, so I used a harness for a good long while. I had a cute pink collar for her at first and it didn't take long for her to pull back hard enough to escape her collar and start running in the neighborhood. The harness gave me much more control until she became used to the collar and leash idea.

At 12 weeks, I would think the puppy is now due for the second set of shots. I wouldn't think parvo would be a major concern, but I don't have enough experience to really speak to that issue.

Have plenty of good things for him to chew on. I lost two pair of shoes to the early stage chewing. LOL And above all, have fun with him. He will grow up quicker than you can imagine. Congratulations!!!

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Puppies need to be vaccinated every 3 weeks until they are 16 or more weeks old. You need to know the date of the last vaccines so you can get the vaccines done 3 weeks after the last ones. In doggy areas, you need at LEAST distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, adenovirus-2, rabies (when age appropriate for your area), and bordetella vaccines. You may also need influenza and lepto depending on what's common in your area.

Puppy will also need to be dewormed appropriately for your area. GI parasites can be transmitted to people, especially children, and can cause serious disease, including blindness.

You will need heartworm prevention monthly forever. Start now.

You will also need flea and tick control as appropriate for your area.

I didn't take my puppies outside in the middle of the night, even though it was spring. They can hold it at his age. I would NOT do the pen outside because otherwise you will *always* need the pen outside. Treat him as you want him to behave once grown. I'd keep a collar on him at all times. Put the leash on when you want to go outside. Carry treats with you so puppy follows you.

Throw out the Kong. They don't smell.

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By 12 week he should have had a least 2 da2p+cpv or parvo shots. They need a least 2 to get minimum protection.
Most pups will not poop where they sleep. Be consistent with the in and out of the crate.
Throw the Kong thin away and give the pup something else to chew on.
The fastest way to leash train is to just tie the pup up and walk away. They learn very fast to respect the chain. Be sure the collar is tight enough so it does not slip off over the head. I know it sounds cruel but it works very well when they are alone to figure it out.
Being consistent in training goes a long way.
6-9-12-16 weeks is the standard shot schedule for puppies and kittens. Hope this helps.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks y'all. He went to bed early and had to go out at 5, which isn't bad considering he was fed at 4 AM at the shelter. He's OK with the collar and not terrible with the leash.

He snores, no matter what position he takes while sleeping. Hmm.

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LOL, you'll get used to the snoring. 23 pounds at 12 weeks, going to be a big snoring boy?

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Fori is not pleased's possible he'll be largeish. I think we will need a new car. Gee dogs are expensive! :)

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Im concerned about my 12 week old puppy, Just wanna know if my puppy cab still catch parvo even if he's had his 2nd set of shots. My friend just found out today that her puppy has parvo, she took him to the vet while I watched her kids and I know peoplw can carry parvo on there shoes and clothes.. I cleanwd the kids shoes with bleach and mopped the floor with a little bleach. I freaked out cause I don't want my puppt gwtting sick or passing away.. You know no one does. So just wanted to know if my puppy is on the safe side?

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