Need Paint to compliment this baby bedding..ASAP!

emmaraineNovember 19, 2009

I thought we were ways away from painting our new house...well i was WRONG, husband needs color today or at the latest tomorrow!! My daughter is only 9 months old but i want a color that will not look to "babyish" but not to grown up not the type to repaint every year!!! Since i have no clue how to post pictures on here, here is the link to the bedding. one thing i know for sure is that i do not want PINK. Was thinking more of the green color that is in the bedding. its very generic bedding, i know...but it was on sale and she will only be in a baby bed for a year or so why spend a fortune, right, her current bedding is way worse than this :)

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I don't mind the bedding! I would suggest a color similar to the flooring in the bedding image, a very light warm beige ( like BM hush AF-95), or if you want to go bolder, I love BM pale avacado. I think either would give the room a clean, inviting, contemporary touch. Good luck!

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Lori A. Sawaya

I'd look at a Tiffany Box Blue (TBB), a turquoise. Maybe focus on one that had a little greener edge than a typical TBB. The darker, rich read in the bedding with the TBB could be fabulous.

I know there isn't any blue in the bedding :).

You only have to "pull" colors from textiles for paint colors if you want to. It's not a set rule and it most certainly is not the "right way" to do it. It's just the text book way to do it -- it's just another option for coloring. No more no less. ;)

Pulling colors or using textiles and inspiration pieces for paint colors isn't a guaranteed route to a successful, interesting, and balanced atmosphere.

It just means the paint color is gonna match something. For some people that's a big deal. For some people having the paint color match something or directly echo an inspiration piece is what defines a "designed" room.

So, no, there's no blue in the bedding. But would TBB with the bedding create an interesting color relationship, is the option well-crafted color design in that it will meet expectations NOW as wells as how the room needs to evolve. That's how I'd frame color option if a blue in order to evaluate it.

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Sheez, three spammers in a row!

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