Built-In TV Cabinet, painted black

Capegirl05November 27, 2011

I need an opinion or two:

Had a large cabinet for tv built by our cabinet maker with plans to paint it black. I put two coats of primer (tinted a very dark grey, almost black) on with a brush and realized that I was in a bit over my head and might want the pros to spray on the remaining coats (when they were painiting the rest of the house)...I used BM Alkyd Satin Impervo...they finished the job and it looked fine. Fast-forward several weeks and we are moving in, and about to install and set in place the tv and I notice there are some scratches on the shelf for tv...So I lightly sanded and cleaned, and as soon as I opened the left over paint can...I could tell (By smell and composition of paint) they had added lacquer. Not what I had requested, but it is done and they are long gone. OK, so I used this laquer to paint the shelf (with a brush) and I also did another area of touch up.

NOW that it has dried, the new coat and touch up area has a glossier sheen. It is actually a prettier sheen, IMO.

Here's my ???: Should I repaint the whole cabinet using the lacquer to achieve this sheen so it all matches OR should I just go get some "glossy" BM black? Can I apply the lacquer with a brush>?

Thanks for any help you can give me...


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I have no idea what type lacquer they mixed in the can so I can't make a recommendation.

Since they sprayed it, I'd assume it's not brushing lacquer. But.....who knows but them.

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