Dining table deal?

ILoveCookieMarch 24, 2013

Husband and I stopped by our favorite local furniture store today, and saw this Ralph Lauren dining table with 1'' thick tempered glass top. Here is the link to RL. (I think it looks prettier in real life..)

Ralph Lauren Dining Table

It's a floor sample with a couple scratches, and the store is willing to sell it to us at cost (about 1/4 of the current retail price). We initially planned not to get formal dining room furniture until the kids grow up, but this table looks really interesting and has a good price.

It's a bit on the large side (100'' x 50'' x 30''). Our dining room is only 15'3'' x 13'10''. Do you think it will work? Below are some pictures of our dining room. The floor was installed recently, and there is no furniture or rug on it. Ideally, I'd want a buffet under the flower painting, but it doesn't have to be that way, I guess..

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It'll work, and it's likely a good deal. I love RL furniture, so it wouldn't take much to twist my arm.

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If you love it, get it! I have to say, though, for me being able to see through a dining table at everyone's laps and feet, etc, just isn't appealing. I like the table empty, but don't think I'd like it with diners around it :)

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I agree with olychick, I'm not a fan of looking through a table at feet etc.

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The photo of your room has it looking very classic and on the formal side. The table seems very casual, as it's staged on the RL site.

I sincerely hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but my initial thought when I went to the RL site was that it looked liked a work table placed on saw horses, or a picnic table.

That doesn't mean it's not a nice table, but I do wonder how you'd incorporate it in that beautiful room. Can you show pics of the nearby rooms and how you have furnished them? If someone could Photoshop it into your room, I'd love to see that. Nice table, nice room, but I just can't see them together.

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I would say It depends a lot on the furniture you have in the adjoining rooms. If everything else in the common areas is that sort of "rustic industrial," you might be able to pull it off even though the style of house is really not suited for that type of extreme look.

I wouldn't worry about the size too much, because glass top tables make a room seem such more spacious. Also, you won't see legs and feet when you are eating because plates and glasses will cover the table while you're using it. I would worry more about what kind of chairs you could find that would go with the table and not take up too much room. They might be massive, and/or uncomfortable, and you might only be able to purchase them at full price, which would essentially negate the whole "good deal" aspect of the purchase.

If you do use the table, you should probably rethink the still life painting. If the painting is where you wanted to start the room from a design standpoint, I have to say the table doesn't make much sense. If you need to furnish a few rooms and are just getting started, you may find it more cost effective to go through an interior designer. Picking things out in isolation from the architecture, setting, and what you already plan to use may not result in a pleasing end product.

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I agree with the others, but I think it'll work depending on the chairs you use, etc. and what your style is elsewhere. It's traditional (or a more modern take on traditional) without being formal, which is all that's really necessary with the traditional elements in your space.

And leave it to RL to put an over the top piece of glass on that table. I don't think I've ever seen such a thick piece of glass for furniture.

I stumbled cross this while looking for an example of the type of RL chairs I could see paired with it that are still traditional. I'm not sure I'm crazy about these, but it gives you an idea. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Danby-Chairs-by-Henredon-set-of-8-/350358708696?pt=US_Chairs&hash=item519301a1d8

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When you sit at a glass top table to eat, there are placemats, cutlery, stuff, etcâ¦. you are not really staring at feet and knees- unless you try hard .

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Thank you all the responses! my3dogs, don't worry, there is no feelings hurt.

The other rooms on my first floor are mostly furnished. All the pieces have a "traditional & refined & formal" style, except that the kitchen and the breakfast room are a little more on the "French country & classic" side.

The store I went to does offer great interior design service. We've been using them for two years, to furnish the 1st floor, room by room. We actually went in yesterday to finalize the pieces for the breakfast room, and noticed that they are trying to replace their inventory, and thus everything on display is on clearance sale.

RE: "Picking things out in isolation from the architecture, setting, and what you already plan to use may not result in a pleasing end product."

This is what I am afraid of. I probably should wait till we are ready to furnish the dining room, and have the store put together a list for us, including rug, fabric, etc, so the result looks pleasant. I mean, even if we do get the RL table now, we would just leave it there in the dining room alone, without any chairs or rug.. Besides, the paintings are definitely going to stay (we know the artist who painted them in real life, and really appreciate her work).

KevinMP, the chairs you linked to are similar to my kitchen counter stools, in terms of style. While I like them, I probably would want to use something a little different, a little more decorative and cushiony for the dining room.

Counter stools

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I like that table for your room! And for living with children, it's a sturdy thing that you won't have to treat with kid gloves.

The table has great lines, and in my view is exactly the kind of thing you can mix into a traditional scheme - provided you also include other reductive but classic touches.

But only if you use dressy chairs with it, the way it's being shown in your "real life" photos. The fabric can be a classic striped or printed cotton, to keep them from becoming foofy.

I'd also keep the painting, but replace the frame with a Plein Air style frame, to move the room in a cleaner lined direction - here's one on a painting of ours (it's not nearly this bright and shiny in real life):

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I like it! A lot. I didn't like the first photo I have to admit--the one on the RL website. But your photos really show off the table. I wouldn't worry about the little scratches, it is pre-disastered for you.

As far as eating at a glass table and seeing through it, I wouldn't worry about it. I've had a lot of glass tables, including the current glass dining table. When we have a dinner party, I usually cover it with a table cloth anyway. I don't like the sound of things contacting the glass during dinner.

It certainly is a table that could really go Rustic Luxe. Put a crystal chandy over that table and you are on your way.

Oh, and my new feeling for rugs on hardwooods is this: you don't really need them! I know they warm up the space, add some texture, yada yada yada, but I like how the flow of the wood floor is not interrupted and makes the space feel larger. This is one of the reasons I have no rug in my dining room.

Let us know if you get it!

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Your room is very pretty!

So, do you LOVE the table? Or love the deal? It seems a stretch for what we can see of your house and taste. As far as the kids, it's still a nice table even though you're not paying $12,000 for it. Glass does scratch. Don't let a sale make your purchases for you.

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I have to admit, I do love the table! It caught my eye before I found out it's on sale. I casually asked who made that table, and they started telling me the story behind it. The deal does make me like it even more, though :).

I think I am going to go back next weekend to look at the table again, and perhaps also ask for the store's opinion, as they've helped me furnish the rest of my 1st floor.

I will report back once I decide. If I were to get it, I'd definitely get some fancy chairs to go with it, as bronwynsmom has suggested, but that would be much later..

As for rugs, I'd probably still get one, as my wood floor seems to need some protection..it already has some obvious dents from contractors walking on it.

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I'm sorry that I'm don't like the type of Ralph Lauren dining table. But I do like the simple design.

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Another possibility, with small children, is to choose a nice big good-quality indoor-outdoor rug for the DR - you can find them in classic bordered trellis or sisal patterns, for instance, and they tolerate just about anything.

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bronwynsmom, using an indoor-outdoor rug is a great idea! I will look into that.

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I love that table, although not in the RL picture. It has a chic rustic look that I really like. I also love your elegant, traditional home. I'm not really seeing the two of them together, however. Perhaps it would work with the more formal chairs, but consider also a possible buffet that would work with that table.
You mentioned a buffet. If you like to entertain, or plan to in the future, I've found a buffet very convienent. It is easy to bring the food to the dining room and serve from there instead of from the kitchen. They also provide storage that almost everyone needs. That table is a real statement piece, but it may limit your other options in the future.

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I love Ralph Lauren! As others stated, when dining the table will be covered and when not, it will open up the room. It has a Tommy Bahama feel. I thought the same with your gorgeous decorating but the table has a casual feel. If it speaks to you, it will probably work, in an ecclectic way or as stated above, with the right lighting. I would google search or pinterest the style to see what comes up.

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Ralph Lauren finishes are almost always fabulous. I've succumbed to a couple of pieces that weren't perfect in my context, but the finishes made me swoon. So, being a bad influence about such things, I say go for it. However, it would be nice to have some ideas for the other pieces you may pair with it, in advance.

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I went back to the store to see the table again. It looks great, but we decided not to go for it, mainly because we still want to use the formal dining room as a play room.

The thick glass table top requires 4 strong men to lift. Once delivered, it will be impossible for the two of us to move it around. We'd rather not add any burden to ourselves.

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Good decision, and for all the right reasons.

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