lowest temps for good painting

old_house_j_i_mNovember 2, 2011

I am rushing against the cold weather trying to scrape, prime and paint my front porch. Theres not a ton of area, but between work and family I am left little time.

Whats the coldest it can be to realistically paint outdoors ? The area is covered, mostly, so rain is not the big threat. I have thought about space heaters of it gets too too cold.

Expert opinions welcome...

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

You're limited to certain paints. Resilience is one that will allow cooler temps and dries quick to prevent failure caused by dew.

Lowest temp is 35F.

Here is a link that might be useful: Resilience

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So if I need to paint a couple of exterior doors and the temps are in the 60's during the day, dropping to 35 at night, will that be ok with a good exterior paint??. If I start early, they will be dry, not cured,before the temp falls. Will this work??

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Thanks brushworks.

Immediately after posting this I checked out Sherwin Williams Web page and it did say that warmer is better (60-70 degrees is optimal) but that certain pains, like Resilience and Duration, can still properly cure at temps as low as 35, just like you said. . I am using Resilience (oh, how I love that paint) so I should be ... ok ...

Thankfully, this weekend will have daytime temps in the 70's and nights in the 40's. Its cool and raining today, but I have fans and space heaters ready to set out first thing tomorrow morning to dry things out.

One important addition on SW's Web page was that paint, even Resilience and Duration, needs about 48 hours to properly skin and cure. Therefore you'd need 48 hours of temps above the minimum for that paint. It could never properly cure at lower temps and man, that would be a big nasty mess.

I will be painting fast and furious ...

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


Yes, spread the paint!

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One contractor (not a painter) mentioned that he felt Halloween was the typical cut off period for starting an exterior project in our area (portland OR), so I'm glad to read about the Resilience paint-- I had thought temps needed to be in the 50's to do exterior painting. Now if we could get a few days without rain in the next week...

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