Can you thin paint with water

frappe1417November 23, 2009

I am looking to re-paint my hallway, years ago I used a Ralph lauren paint but it seemed very thick and almost left a textured look on the wall (a bit bumpy and grovy pitted) but for the basement I used a cheap canadian tire paint and it went on soooo smooth loved it.

I was wondering can I add water to the paint to thin it out a bit would this give me more of a smooth finish rather then pitted?

Second what size of roller do you recommend? I think I used a 15mm

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Yes, you can thin paint with water, but this may affect coverage and alter the integrity of the paint film. You are better off using a paint conditioner like Floetrol or XIM. XIM is better, but Floetrol will work. I would recommend a 3/8" nap if you are painting with a washable paint.

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Most quality latex paints are somewhat thick. Consider pouring the gallon of paint out of its original container into another. You will see a small amount of paint left in the bottom of the original container. Add a small amount of water to this, generally about 1 cup. Stir or return the paint lid and shake very well to mix the water and paint at the bottom of the container. Now add this back to the original paint you poured out previously and stir very well. This should allow the paint to be applied without the orange peel look. As mentioned a 3/8 to 1/2 inch roller cover and a good sanding of the old paint job should leave a pleasant look.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Ralph Lauren paint is designed to look like that, watering it down will ruin that effect. Just get normal paint and skip RL and you will be fine.

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