Boots for Dogs

pamghattenJanuary 28, 2011

I know, pretty silly ... but we've had some VERY cold mornings, last Sunday it was -17 (minus 17) when I got up. And my dogs need to go out regardless of how cold it is.

I do have a set of boots and Lily (australian shepherd mix) will wear them. Rocky, my smooth-coated collie mix, wouldn't even put his paw on the ground after I put a boot on one of his paws. It was really funny to watch, but he has the hardest time with the cold and the snow.

And now his back paws seem extremely sensitive to the cold.

Any suggestions? It's supposed to get cold again next week.

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spedigrees z4VT

Put a boot on all 4 paws and he will have to put his paws on the ground! He may decide when he gets used to the boots, that they make his life more comfortable.

I bought boots long ago for my collie and once he figured them out, he loved the boots. We used to ski on snowmobile trails and my dog ran for a short while on the trail sporting his new foot gear. Unfortunately as soon as he made little side trips into the deep snow to the side of the trail to sniff out rabbit tracks and pee on the trees, he promptly lost the boots, one by one. I think I have one left somewhere as a souvenir. It was sad that the boots wouldn't stay on in deep snow.

But if you walk your dogs on plowed or cleared paths, sidewalks, etc, they should work well. Good luck and happy walking!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I, too, had boots for my collie mix because the salt put down on the roadway burned his feet. But like spedigrees, the minute he stepped into deep snow, the boots would eventually fall off and I spent most of our walk watching and then replacing his boots.

The first time I put them on him, he walked around the house lifting his feet really high. I laughed and laughed. But being the obedient boy he was, he wore them outside.

So, in my mind, there is no good answer. My current dogs don't wear boots and I just try to minimize their time outside when it's cold and snowy.

Sorry to be of no help at all!

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spedigrees ... OK, I had to laugh at myself ... just put them on! I'll try that!

Maybe I'll get him while he's sleeping?

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spedigrees z4VT

Oh what a nice dog! I recognize those nimble, little collie feet, even when they're sticking up in the air! Very cute photo. He looks like the picture of comfort. Funny how all three of us on this topic have or had collies/collie mixes. They are wonderful dogs! Where did you find your collie mix?

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these are GREAT for short romps in the snow or going out to potty...

they can be a little hard to get on but once you've done it a couple of times, you learn. obviously, they aren't meant for rough surfaces like concrete but they are wonderful for grass and snow! and, the DO stay on.

cute pupper you have!!!

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Thanks for the links to the Pawz dog boots. And I also had a collie mix, she was part German Shepherd I think but had the slender build, mostly black and tan. Her name was Flora, and she loved to be hugged.

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Thanks nina, I'll have to look at that link ... a friend also found somehting called "Mushers Paw", or something like that I'll have to look at.

spedigrees ... I got him thru a friend that does rescue, it was actually her tenant that was moving and couldn't take him to the new place. I didn't know anything about collies, he's a very high strung dog, but ready loveable ... will he ever chill out some? LOL!

Nimble little feet is right! My neighbor is an avid snowshoer, and takes him out in the woods for an hour or so, and it doesn't even phase him ... he could go for hours.

Schoolhouse, that's so sweet ... Rocky doesn't stand still long enough for real hugs!

Here's a picture of both my goofballs ...

Here's another of Rocky that I love ...

Lily sleeping ...

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

pamghatten, those are two beautiful dogs you have there. Here is a picture of Murray. I got him from a shelter when I lived in Baltimore. He was a wonderful dog and I still miss him.

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spedigrees z4VT

Murray is so nice. He has the sweetest expression.

Rocky and Lily remind me a lot of my two, although it is down to one now. (I lost my sheltie just before Thanksgiving at age 14.) Here they were a couple years ago:

And this is my tri-color boy from way back when, the one who lost his boots in the snow.

I've had 4 collies all tolled, and I'd say they slow down some at age 4, and become something approaching calm by age 6. Do you know how old Rocky is? Anyways at my age if I do get another collie after Prince, it will be an older one. I think I couldn't keep up with a young collie anymore. It's nice that your neighbor takes yours out snowshoeing. I bet he loves that.

I've been wondering what the trail is like for the Ididarod dogs. I imagine it must be packed snow, otherwise the sled dogs would never keep their booties on for the whole trek.

Nice to see the photos from both of you of your collies/herding dogs. All three of them are very photogenic and look like super wonderful dogs.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Thanks, spedigrees. Murray was a special boy. He was turned in as a stray and I couldn't believe that whoever owned him didn't go to the ends of the earth to find him! He lived to be at least 14. He was an adult when I got him from the shelter. He was the best.

Your three are/were beauties!! What great dogs they are. The picture of the collie and sheltie is especially sweet. And your tri-color was just gorgeous! It's tough to lose them. I just try to remember the good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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(LOL) And I wasn't going to open this thread because I was thinking of my SIL who puts boots on her shih-tzu when he goes outside so he won't get his little feet dirty!

Boots to protect feet from bad conditions are another thing, and living here in SoCal, I have no experience with that kind of weather! Good luck finding something that works.

Spedigrees, Thanks for posting your picture of your dogs, which brought back memories of my old tri collie, Mac - who we lost at age 11 to cancer. He was such a hyper handful for the first 3+ years, then morphed into the most calm, regal, patient dog I could ever have asked for. He even let my toddler daughter pull herself up to a standing position by pulling on his hair, and seemed proud to do so. He suffered through brushing, braiding, hairbows and barrettes as the girls' playmate - and seemed to enjoy watching over them and never complained.

Thanks pamghatten and murraysmom for posting your pics too. Aren't dogs great!

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Beautiful dogs all ... great photos. I just love big fuzzy dogs!

spedigrees ... the guy I got Rocky from said he was about 1.5 ... but my vet said probably older than 2. He had never been to the vet, never had shots, wasn't fixed, etc ... so I doubt most of what the old owner told me. So my vet and I estimate he's probably about 2.5 now.

Glad to know he'll eventually calm down, I call him my whirling dervish! He went for an 1.5 hour walk in the deep snow yesterady with my neighbor and was actually tuckered out last nite. Though Lily has lost weight since he came to live with us, he keeps her very active.

And yes cal dreamer, dogs are great, couldn't live without them!

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I LOVE my doggie boots. My little Bichon mixes keep them on and after the initial high stepping, have no problem with wearing them at all. They run around and play like crazy and we can go for long walks. Between the boots and their little coats, they're not only protected from cold and salt, but it minimizes the number of little snow/iceballs in their fur. Mine have lasted me a couple of Wisconsin Winters so far; for the price, I think that's pretty good. These are the kind I have:

Here is a link that might be useful: Fashion Pet Extreme All Weather Boots

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betsyhac, how do a person know what size to buy?

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spedigrees z4VT

This product description (partway down the page) lists the specs. It sounds like you have to measure your dog's paws...

Product Description
Durable, waterproof fleece lined nylon keeps paws warm and dry. Suede-leather sole, PVC toe cap and reflective tape give added protection. Adjustable Velcro straps and knit rib trim provide a secure fit. Durable, waterproof fleece lined nylon keeps paws warm and dry. Suede-leather sole, PVC toe cap and reflective tape give added protection. Adjustable Velcro straps and knit rib trim provide a secure fit. Comes as a set of four. To measure your dog's paw: Measure the front paw from Heel to nails but not fur. A snug fit is best or boots may slip off. To fit the boot on paw: Open the Velcro fastener. Next, bunch up the ribbed cuff & pull the boot over the paw (It helps to hold your dog's elbow while wiggling boot on with other hand). Pull Velcro strap SECURELY around boot at dog's ankle and press shut - cut excess strap if you wish. XXXS = less than 1.5 inch paw lengthXXS = less than 2.25 inch paw length XS = less than 2.75 inch paw length S = less than 3.25 inch paw length M = less than 3.75 inch paw length L = less than 4.25 inch paw length XL = less than 4.75 inch paw lengthIf dog's paws are particularly wide you may want to select one size larger.Using a ruler, measure your dog's paw. Reference our paw size information above. Use the larger value when ordering. We cannot be responsible for sizing, so please measure

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

These are the boots I had for Murray and they did not stay on in deep snow. No matter how tight I pulled the velcro strap, in deep snow they would come off.

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Thanks for the measuring info, I'll copy it. I probably wouldn't use them for walks in deep snow, but that's a good thing to know.

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betsy, those are the same boots i have for my danes.

they stay on even in deep snow but i think i have an advantage because i can fasten the velcro really tight up around their ankles. little dogs' ankles aren't tall enough! :)

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spedigrees z4VT

Great photo ninapearl! Your great Danes look bigger than your pony! They look super in their winter weather clothes!

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My dogs' boots stay on in deep snow. The only problem I have is when they try to pull off each other's boots or coat. They are sassy girls. :)
Nina, what a great pic. The dogs DO look as big as the pony. Where do you live? It looks beautiful.

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OMG, they are SOOO cute!! they look like they have just a teensy weensy bit of mischief in those eyes. LOL

betsy, i'm in west central illinois. usually, it's very pretty out here but as you can see, the blizzard of 2011 has made it a bit difficult to get around! just went out to snap a few pics so i didn't dress the dogs as i knew we wouldn't be out more than 5 minutes. :)

here are my 2 mini horses. obviously, they weigh more than the dogs but height-wise, they are only about an inch or two taller. they really are not as fat as they look, they are just VERY fluffy! :)

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betsyhac,what are their names? I love the way the one on the left is sitting and his/her little footie appears to stick straight up. The other one definitely looks mischievous.

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Sophie and Chloe. Those ponies are adorable. They remind me of those little donkeys that Martha Stewart has. So, so cute. Ah, west central IL. So you got the big snow dump recently then too huh? Ugh. I actually grew up in Morton Grove, IL. But, sorry, still rootin for the Pack today.

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Hi! I work in a dog boutique/bakery and we sell both kinds of boots: the regular leather ones which are a bit pricey and the Pawz which one poster mentioned above. A couple things:

1. For the leather boots, it does take a dog some time to get used to them but once they do, they should do fine. Normally, you measure across the width of the foot to get the correct size (widest part) but different manufacturers may have different ways of measuring. If they fit correctly, will will not come off in the snow or fall off at all. The ones we sell have zippers and they work quite well.

The Pawz are great. I use these for my recently adopted "schnoodle mix" and she doesn't mind them at all. They are "disposable" but they are also reusable and I'm still using the same 4 I put on her a month ago. They are actually quite durable. They stay on and it doesn't appear that my dog even realizes she has "boots" on (as opposed to regular dog boots). The first time you put them on it is a little hard. Once you get the hang of it it's very easy. After the first few times my dog just held her front paws out for me and I'm able to use both hands to put the boot on. (For her back legs, she actually rolls over on her back and puts her legs in the air; she's crazy!)

I actually only put them on her when we have a lot of salt and sand around (we live in CT ; we've have FIVE snowstorms/icestorms/blizzards since Jan 1) The salt and sand hurt her paws. Pawz has solved that!

Good luck!

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