Paint Pulled Off With Tape

allboysNovember 5, 2011

When pulling off the tape from my walls, some of the paint pulled off in sheets, right down to the white painted wall underneath my new red paint in some areas. Unfortunately, I had to use several coats of paint because I was painting over builder paint for the first time and so there is a pretty large difference where the red edge pulled away and the original wall.

I am wondering what the best way to fix this might be. Should I sand the areas where this happened (tricky because it is between the wall and ceiling, seems like it would be difficult to sand) or should I try some spackle to even it out, then repaint?

This was a big enough job without this problem and I am not sure what to do. :-(

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I wanted to add that I used Aura paint and the green frog tape. I pulled the tape after I finished all of the coats I needed in the whole room, so about three days total.

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I wish there was a "Sticky" thread/post feature here, so common miscues like this would always be visible in the thread-listings!!

>>> Are ya listening GW-Moderators?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Modern paints/primers DRY quickly.

>>>> BUT The trick here is realizing that your new paint is DRIED TO ITSELF, AS A SHEET-FILM, MUCH SOONER than it bonds to the wall.
>>> That's why new paint-films are so vulnerable to being torn off when tape is removed!!!
* That little "bridge" of paint that laps onto the tape is part of the WALL-FILM.
* Because this overlap is now a "dry-sheet" with the rest of the wall, it'll easily take the wall-film with it when tape is lifted!!!
* Again...this occurs because the paint hasn't even remotely bonded to the substrate yet.

I've babbled this MANY times here....
* I PURPOSELY wait 'till next day to remove my tape.
* The cut-line is very sharp this way!
* With a SHARP box-cutter or snap-knife, slowly score thru the new paint-film, AT THE TAPE EDGE.
* By doing this, you're now SEPARATING the wall-paint from the tape.
* Obviously, the tape is now "free" of the "still bonding" paint that's left behind on the wall.

Full cure-through of some paints CAN take a MONTH.

The Remedy?!?!!?
Wellllll....* ahem * ...
Yes...spackling to level, sanding flush, and any re-texturing.
* Touching-up only these areas will probably be very noticeable...
* Re-tape again if desired.
* I'd now RE-PRIME THE WHOLE WALL to med-gray.
* Apply the Red.
* Buy a sharp knife. Go to bed....;-)
* Score tape-edge tomorrow (!?), and your problem is over....
* Now you can tell all your friends who are maybe re-painting, your new "secret"!


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Is there not a SEARCH function?
This has been gone over time and time again

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I wonder if this is an issue with Frog Tape though. I never have problems with 3Ms blue tape. I try to pull the tape when it is still wet though, probably around 20 minutes or so after the painting is completed. But, if I have to pull it the next day, it comes off just fine with no scoring at all too.

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Yes there is a SEARCH function, and I used it before I posted. If you had taken as much time to read my post as you did for your snarky reply, you would have seen that I was not asking why it happened but how to repair it. That has not been gone over time and time again, at least not as far as my search found. Maybe you should take your very valuable time and learn some critical reading skills, or perhaps learn something about kindness or generosity? Seems your time would be well spent.

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Lori A. Sawaya

The search feature here stinks - not consistent. Using Google serach is easier to find Garden Web topics and threads than using the GW search right here on the forum.

Faron, another idea is you could put it into a Squidoo article and then you can just post a link to the info.

That's what I did with Brushwork's tutorial on painting cabinets, my info on LRV, etc.

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I just used frog tape twice and i think the stuff is awesome. I didnt have any problem with it peeling the paint off. I used it on one room and pulled it off within an hour of painting, on the second room, it required a second coat which I did the next day. The tape came off of that with no problem too. It sounds like maybe you painted the coats before the first coat was dried?

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