Wallpaper removed...time for paint...problem?

andrelaplume2November 15, 2006

I removed some wallpaper. I then sprayed the remover on again and wiped down the walls. I then had a friend spackle/sand here and there where some drywall paper came off. I then decided to prime the wall with Kilz2. While doing so I noticed in certain areas that if I rolled the area a few minutes after hitting it the first time, that the primer actually came right off the wall and back to the roller!. I rolled those areas a few more times to return the paint to the surface.

It got me thinking that perhaps these are areas I did not get all the wallpaper paste off the walls? Perhaps the water based Kilz2 loosend it and it just rolled right off....?

Anyway, I awoke this morning and the walls had dried. I saw no signs of peeling paint, in other words it appears that the Kilz2 adhered...so far. I put a second coat of primer on with no problems. I'd like to paint the walls with Latex paint this evening. Does anyone think I will have any problems or long term something nasty might start to happen....?

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It depends on how many years. Even with Kilz after a few years, nasty will start to bleed through, i.e., one of our grandchildren had projectile vomiting in our great room. We cleaned it. I will not expand on it as it is not something that sounds nice, but we cleaned it, Kilz'd it and later painted it. After six years, we had a slight discoloration in that area, not visible to anyone not looking for it but something I could see, so we painted again and kilz'd it again. I think in 5+ years, you might see it but most people paint again within that period of time anyway. However, having said that, I have painted over wallpaper in my kitchen many times and have not had any bleed-through.

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Well, so long as it does not start peeling. It has been Kilzd twice and I see nothing. We may paint the walls burgendy. That may help. I just wanted to be sure that there was not something chemically going on under there that might lossen the paint or something in the immediate future.....better to know now than after painting....

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Shellac base primer (Zinnser BIN) will block wallpaper paste stains permanently.

The fastest and easiest way to remove wallpaper paste is with a steamer, by the way. It will saturate the paste within 30 seconds. When the paste has absorbed all the water it will hold, it will rinse off easily with no scrubbing.

The problem with sponging and/or spraying is that it takes a lot longer to saturate the paste and most people stop before the paste is all off.

This is probably too late for you but there might be others reading who can use the info.

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Say Andrelaplume....(this may be too late!...),
If you're gonna paint Burgundy, did you use a gray primer???
If not, you'll prob'ly need 3 coats of it to be safe.
Let each coat dry for 5 hrs.!!
Dark colors need almost twice as much drytime between coats.
Lemme know what brand/color you used!
Hope all goes well,

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

There are some misconceptions about BIN.

One is that it's ok to use over residual wallpaper paste. It is not labeled as such. The paste will reactivate, mix with the BIN, and over time crack, check and eventually peel.

The ONLY product I recommend is a Zinsser product too, but it's GARDZ. GARDZ does not reactivate paste, it locks it down, and dries as a hard coating over it. In fact, GARDZ was formulated for such problems.

It's always best practice to scub, scrub, scrub first. If you can not get it all off, then GARDZ it.

Then follow faron's prescription for dark colors.


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Michael, I used the shellac-base BIN primer over wallpaper paste after latex primers failed immediately. We were only in that particular apartment for two years but during that time there was no staining from the wallpaper paste. Just my experience.

Since then I have learned how to remove all traces of wallpaper paste. It isn't hard to do with the right equipment and the results are worth the effort of getting the right equipment!

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I am losing my religion over getting wallpaper off the wall before priming/painting. The top/print layer came off very easily, but what I thought was just residual glue on the wall is some of the paper backing as well.

I've used 3 bottles of Dif and scraped but it is a bathroom with very high cathedral ceiling and I'm getting discouraged about ever finishing!

Now for my question - I read lots on the internet and this board and went to buy a Wagner wallpaper steamer yesterday, but then was told it was only for plastered walls and not good for drywall.

What is the bottom line? Can I end this nightmare by using a steamer on drywall, or should I continue the scrubarama?

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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