Rust prevention on cast-iron fountain

yadax3November 11, 2007


This isn't a paint question per say, but I'm thinking paint experts may have the most knowledge on this subject.

A couple of months ago we bought a cast iron fountain for our patio. The odd thing is, our sprinkler system doesnÂt use water from our water softener but our garden hoses do and we filled the fountain with a hose, which (we believe) caused rust to develop in and on the fountain. Anyway, weÂve purchased some naval jelly to remove the rust but weÂre not sure how to keep the rust from coming back other than to fill the fountain with un-softened water in the future. We donÂt particularly want to paint the fountain because we like the old-world finish on it (i.e. fake rust  ironic, huh?) and it appears rust inhibitors are all oily, which wouldnÂt work well in a fountain that attracts birds.

DH is wondering if we can use polyurethane to protect the fountain, however, the only ones we found at HD seem to be meant for wood and donÂt mention they can be used on metal. I found a lacquer made by Rustoleum but it isnÂt meant to be used outdoors.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice you can offer,


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Cast iron rusts unless it has a finish to protect it (and even then the finish requires maintenance).
Two coats of any decent metal paint (Rustoleum, etc,) over a coat of primer should limit repainting.
Getting paint to stay under water is even harder.
Usually epoxy type paints last the longest, but even those eventually allow enough moisture through to create rust and damage the finish film.

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In the event anyone else with the same problem finds this thread, I want to post the remedy: POR-15 as recommended by the nursery where I purchased the fountain. It supposedly restores the original finish/color and lasts for a couple of years.

Here is a link that might be useful: POR-15

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i have the same problem sandblasted twice prime paint ect.... still peeled and rusted not sure what to do might buy a concrete one help

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I am going to try rustoleum paint from Home Depot to keep my cast iron fountain from rusting. It's an old cow waterer, and when I moved into my home the fountain basin was filled with transmission fluid and motor oil. I have cleaned all that out and am about to finally paint it and then I will put it all back together. I have ordered a new fountain pump. I will post new pictures and updates about how the rustoleum paint works to prevent rust.

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