Dog beds?

munkosJanuary 17, 2007

I've given up on buying my beagle anything that resembles a nice bed. Now I just stock up on $10 fleece dog blankets. She likes them because the hay two layers. She'll chew a hole big enough to climb inside and sleep IN the blanket. Most mornings you cant see any part of her body, just a big lump in her blanket. However, she has chewed holes for her legs and head to poke out, if she feels like it. Some days she looks like she's wearing a poncho.

However, I wanted to know if anyone else had any trouble with a Rogz Pod dog bed. I went to the only place in town at the time that sold them, to ask a few questions. The guy assured me even the strongest chewer couldn't get through the kevlar (thats right, BULLET proof dog beds!) and that at most they'd wear it down over time. He even went so far as to tell me the company guaranteed against chewing and would replace the bed if it were chewed through. Which I thought was far fetched, but it sold me on the bed. I figured even though it was pricey, surely in the long run it would be cheaper that buying her several beds in the span of a few months.

I got it home, by the next day it was RUINED. I contacted the company and got told "Why on earth would we guaruntee against chewing, thats rediculous" Well, duh. I thought so too, but thats what I was told. So I didn't get my money back or anything.

Apparently the beds are bullet proof, not beagle proof. She can and will chew through anything. Theres no toys we can buy her that she cant wreck. She has learned to not chew what isn't hers, so its not an issue so much anymore.

I would like to know if anyone has had any success with these beds though. She chews much less than she did before, and all I really need to replace is the matress part, which is cheap. Maybe if I throw a blanket in, she would stick to chewing her blankets. I would like to know first if anyone else has heard anything bad about these beds though.

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Sorry, don't know anything about that brand........and have never seen it in my area.

But, just wanted to say I'd go back to the store and talk to the guy that told you there was a guarantee on the bed. IMO, his store should at least replace it with another bed or give you credit since you purchased the bed based on what he told you.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Your dog is cold! My dogs will flap their ears at me in the middle of the night so I can reach down and cover them up.
In this picture, the blanket had a hole in it and he managed to totally cover himself up all by himself. Why on earth I have to do it in the night is a mystery.

I have, btw, gotten rid of that blanket for a heavier wool one with no holes, which I was afraid might choke him.

Ok, I'm no help, but the visual imagery of your dog buried in the bed is priceless! And I wanted to share my picture...

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I go to Goodwill or any other type of thrift store and I purchase comforters and blankets. My dog has a pile of 6 blankets in the living room and 5 in the bedroom. Every couple of years the devil gets into him and he shreds them...but for $5-$8 a piece I dont care. I found that padded beds are hard to clean. You can often clean the pillow covers but not the pillows where all the dirt and dust collects. If my dogs blanket gets too gross, it goes in the trash and we go get a new used one.

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They make dog coats (the ones that fasten with velcro are the best.) and he should'nt be able to get to it to tear it up. That might help if he is cold. I got mine at a western store called Atwoods.
Bumblebeez your dog looks soooooo content.

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I'll try to find the picture I have of Coda all snuggled up in her crate with just her little nose poking out.

I don't think she's cold, though. I think shes just a nutcase, lol. She does it to everything! We have a sofa bed in the basement, and sometimes we'll toss a pillow down for her to lay on, and she tries to crawl into the pillow case. If we let her up on the couch to snuggle with us, she digs and digs at the blanket til she can crawl under it and curl up underneath it. Doesn't matter whether its summer or winter. I think it has more to do with light than being cold. She'll do it during the day in summer, whereas in winter its only at night, when the streetlight shines in. and our house gets HOT. I don't think she likes the sun shining into her kennel during the day, and since the suns up earlier and out longer in summer, it bothers her even more.

Your dog looks adorable!! Very simmilar to mine!

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It could well be that he doesn't like the light. My DS's minpin does the same and they discovered a few years ago that his pupils don't contract normally. It's like continually having your eyes dilated on a bright fun at all!

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oh my gosh!! I again am no help but the picture in my head is priceless!!! I had a minpin for a while (fostering) and she only would sleep next to me, with her blanket totally on top of her. No part of her sticking out otherwise both of us were up until I covered her again!! :-) I ended up giving her to a great family with that blanket!!! lol But I'm sorry, I have never had a baby tear apart his/her bed!! lol

Thanks, Elycia

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Aww, shabos thats adorable. I love the quirky things animals do.

Annz, thats very interesting, maybe I'll have to look into it. Though she does do it at night even when the lights are all off to watch a movie or something. But perhaps she's just gotten used to having to do it, that she has to sleep that way now. I'm not sure. I do know though, if she doesn't have a blanket, she'll fuss around until she has her floppy litte ear positioned just so over her eye.

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Munkos, kevlar comes in different grades and they work against a bullet not sharp objects like teeth or knives and the lower grade won't even stop a .22 bullet....lets hope our law enforcement all have top quality vests and gloves.

I would bring the bed back to the store and request a refund.

I prefer an old blanket/quilt for my golden, she has 2 and has been know to remove it from the washing machine on wash day ( front loader).....she sneaks the blanket out when I am not looking and tries to run up the basement stairs draging this queen sized blanket.......she's like the kid in the commercial that sits by the washing machine while his/her favorite stuffed toy or blankie is being washed....LOL

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I know kevlar isn't meant to protect against sharp objects. But thats their whole gimmick. Made of bullet proof material!! Withstand even the strongest chewing!! like I said, I was skeptical, but since I was told it was guaranteed, I thought it was worth a try.

And I've tried to get my money back, and Im sure if I tried a bit harder than I did at the time, I probably could of. But I had a lot of difficult things going on in my life at the time, and just couldnt be bothered with getting the run around from them anymore.

The store would tell me they couldn't give me the money back, I had to go through the company. The company told me they didn't guarantee against chewing like I was told. The store told me that yes they did. The company told me that since the store lied, they were responsible for the refund. The store told me the company had to refund me. All of this took over a month to find out because of poor customer service, bad communication. I mean really, why wasn't the company in contact with the store, to try and sort it out?? I didn't need to be the middle man running around, printing out emails, driving across town to go show those emails. I got sick of it and figured I'd count my losses and get over it.

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I don't think any bed is going to be chew proof. My dog killed a kevlar and suit case material dinosaur toy in about 3 hours. The company pegged them as "super tough toys" but in the fine print said "not a chew toy". I know Petco has some ruff and tuff dog beds available sometimes on their website. Check them out from time to time and you may be able to find one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog Beds

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