Matching lighting in kitchen and dining room

tblmomFebruary 4, 2013

We are in the process of renovating our kitchen. The wall between and kitchen will be torn down and there will be a peninsula dividing the kitchen and the dining space. both space are pretty small (10x11 each). We are using a medium brown shaker cabinet with stainless steel (brushed, not super shiny) handles. The walls in both rooms are an avocado green (color will remain the same) and the appliances are stainless.

Currently, the chandelier in the dining room is a tiffany style chandelier with light beige and green glass and black chain/lines. We did want to keep that since it's already there, we're on a budget and we don't mind it.

The only problem now is that we're looking for a main overhead light in the kitchen and a pendant to go over the sink. There is a joint running directly over the middle of the sink, so we can't put a recessed light there. The window and sink aren't that wide, we we didn't want to try to cram 2 recessed lights in that space. We were hoping just to get away with a simple pendant light.

I can't figure out whether I should match the kitchen lights to the stainless handles, or if I should try to match the dining room light, even if it doesn't match the stainless handles. We actually managed to find the same exact chandelier, but in a semi-flush mount that would work in the kitchen, but again the color not matching is an issue.

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You don't really need to match the lighting to the door hardware. I would coordinate the lighting between the two rooms but it doesn't necessarily need to "match" either, just be compatible.

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