Help! Tannin bleeding through?

ArapahoNovember 6, 2010

Just had our cedar shingle house re-painted with Pittsburgh Paint Manor Hall (I thought I was getting Timeless but didn't. House was completely sanded down to bare wood, fully oil-primed and painted with one coat. I've noticed some brown streaks in various places around the house. Is this tannin bleeding through? Why is this happening? These were reputable painters who came highly recommended. They were thorough in their work, did an impeccable job.

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Call the painters and have them come check it out. It may not be tannin.

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paintguy - thanks for the response! I did call yesterday and leave a message so I'm sure they'll stop by. What else could it be? It comes off with a damp cloth.

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Oh, well if it comes off with a cloth, then it certainly is not tannin bleed. Tannin would be like a stain that you can't just wipe off. It could be something like surfactant leaching or maybe just some rust/dirt running off that you are just noticing now because the paint job is new and fresh.

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