Need advice on paint colors throughout whole house.

ash8177November 8, 2010

We are renovating our new home and I'm having trouble choosing paint colors. Home decorating is NOT my fortay so I'm just really desperate for advice.

We have a lot of oak furniture and wood trim throughout the house. I know we won't be painting the trim at this time. :) I already bought Behr Harvest Brown for the living room and family room and I'm pretty sure I'm going with Behr Sandstone Cove for the foyer and dining room. I would like to keep green in the kitchen but maybe go a *little* brighter then what's in there now. I'm thinking maybe Behr Asparugus or Celery Sprig.. or maybe Outback (I have to see a sample of it because it looks different in their online visualizer then it does on a swatch). Do you think those colors will look ok with the oak? And will there be sufficient "flow"?

Here are some pics:



Dining room


Living room


Front/Family room


Kitchen (Cabinets, counters, flooring will all be replaced. Going with stainless steel appliances, darker oak cabinets and hardwood floors)


My next question.. do the bedrooms need to flow with the rest of the house and/or with each other?

I let the kids help me choose colors for the bedrooms but after thinking about it that's a LOT of color, lol. My 7 year old wants purple, my 3 yr old (who will be sharing with the 2 yr old) wants pink and my boy (soon to be 5) wants green! Our bedroom will be dark blue/grey.

For the boys room I thought about incorporating some of the Sandstone Stone from the foyer/hall by painting 3 walls with it and then doing a Chocolate coco wall with Lemon Grass shelves to give him his "green".

I picked Hosta Flower (light purple) for my 7 yr old with Fading Sunset (darker shade of purple) as an accent wall.

And for the two younger girls I was going to give the 3 yr old one "pink" wall with Hibiscus Petal and the other walls a very light green shade.. Hemlock Bud.

I already bought the paint for our master bedroom. I chose Behr Hidden Peak.

All the bedrooms are going to have a very light beige carpet and sand color cellular shades. That was kind of a comprimise due t time restraint.. I wanted more color options but had to go with what was in stock. :(

Does that sound like too much color for the bedrooms?

TIA :)

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My apoligize.. let me try to post these pics again!


Living room

Front room

Dining room


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Pretty house! Try posting on the Home Decorating site. There are some real color experts over there.

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Thank you Randita. I'll try that.

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