trying to avoid painting two ceilings that meet.

bronxbillNovember 4, 2012

Painting the kitchen ceiling (white) but the kitchen ceiling continues into the living room - there is no separation between them - I don't want to paint the living room ceiling at all. It's beeen 12 years since the orig paint (so I can't match it at all) I think I will have to go ahead and do them both - the living room is quite large so I was trying to avoid it. I'm trying to match and get close to both colors where they will actually meet.

Any suggestions ? Thanks (orig paint-brand is no longer avail)

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Even if you knew the brand and exact paint, touching up a ceiling after this much time has passed never works out. It always shows. Even touching up a ceiling a week after painting it is difficult because usually kitchen ceilings are soaked in natural light from windows...all that light coming in really makes touching up difficult. You probably will need to paint the whole thing.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Paint them both

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Put a strip of molding across the intersection?

After 12 years, the ceiling probably needs to be repainted.

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Thanks guys: Kinda figured that (will paint both ceilings)
thanks much

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Annie Deighnaugh

Probably more than you want to do, but our kitchen is open to our family room, but we put a soffit in to make the spaces feel separate, even though they are one. Makes different ceiling treatments easier.

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