pre-cooked Pork Shoulder... now what?

BizzoNovember 5, 2009

I've never done this before... and I need some suggestions. I'm not exactly sure why I bought it... either I thought I was going slow cook the pork shoulder for pulled pork, or I thought it was a ham, since it was in with the ham at the grocer...

So... bring on the suggestions!! It's in the fridge, and I'm at a loss as to what to do and how to do it!!


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White beans. Served over a hunk of cornbread. Mmm. Perfect fare for autumn.

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Warm it after pulling in some BBQ and serve.

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~ slice it/pull it/chop it, add some good BBQ sauce, heat or simmer all day in crock pot, serve on buns w/wo slaw

~ chop in small pieces, make pork fried rice

~ make sandwiches, spread a little pepper jelly on the sliced pork

~ stir fried with peppers, onions, garlic - add in a sweet and sour sauce, serve over hot rice

~ make pork lo mein, add in cooked linguine noodles and vegetables

~ freeze it in large pieces (the best way) or slices, or cubes - double wrap for best protection

~ add a stewed chicken (shredded), some cooked beef (shredded), some pork (also shredded), some canned tomatoes, limas, corn, onions and potatoes for a big ole pot of Brunswick Stew - squirrel or 'possum optional.

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Do you have a precooked smoked boston butt?
If so treat it just like a ham....did you cook it or buy it already pre cooked?
Is it cured?
Linda C

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Linda, It was already pre-cooked. It says pork shoulder and in with the hams, so it might be a boston butt, I'll have to look when I get home.

Rob, would you just warm it like ham, and serve with white beans and corn bread? that sounds pretty good...

Or do I have to treat it just like ham... and how different from ham will it taste?

I was really in the mood for some pulled pork, but I don't know what I need to do to it. Can I make it into pulled pork, and if so, how? Do I re-cook it? In a slow cooker (mine is too old and too samll, but I could cut some) or in a dutch oven? with BBQ Sauce on slow heat? Or do I just get out the forks and try to pull it as is? I think that might be like trying to pull a boiled ham...

Teresa, I think DH might like your option 1 if I can figure out how to execute... and I greatly appreciate the advice on how to freeze it...

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If the shoulder is cold, it might be hard to pull. Generally the pork shoulder is pulled while still warm after being taken off the smoker rack. And the pulling is done with bare or gloved hands - remove the pork in large hunks and pull the meat into shreds. Put on a plate or serving platter and serve a bowl of sauce alongside the meat. can use forks, but it won't be authentic pulled pork! ;o)

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I must be too Southern! I assumed it was smoked. If you want to do the pulled thing, why not heat it up and pull it? Then use the bones with leftovers like a ham in your beans? That's what I'd do.

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If it was with the hams, it's what we call a "picnic ham" or a smoked Boston Butt.
don't even try to pull it like pulled pork, that is made with a shoulder that is not smoked and's a ham just a slightly different cut. It will taste just like ham because it IS ham....but made from the front leg rather than the hind leg.
Linda C

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Picnic Ham it is... so now I know what to do!! Thanks everyone! (Ham for dinner... leftovers in bean soup...)

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