Toe kick radiator recommendations?

katy-louFebruary 26, 2013

We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel and after an unfortunate mistake in the placement of the toe kick heater, we are having to move it and repair and re-drill holes in my white oak floors. . . So, since having to redo this, I'm re-visiting the selection of heater.
Currently the plumber provided a Beacon-Morris Twin Flo III

Are there other we should look at instead?
Turbonics? Myson? I want quiet and reliable, easier to service would be good too.


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The two larger size tubonics are the best. Smaller the beacon morris. Both excellent- I have both. Turbonics is quieter and easier to service.

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Slant fin also makes some. I have not used but they have a good reputation.

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We have five of the Beacon-Morris. I only run them on the "low" setting, which kicks out plenty of heat. The HIGH setting is substantially louder, so I'm glad we can get away with "low." Very quiet and never needed service in 3 years of constant Minnesota-winter use.

When I was doing my research, it seemed like people were very happy with both Turbonics and B-M. I don't know anything about Myson.

I sure do love them. They respond so quickly when I change the thermostat setting--very cool when you're used to radiators. I especially enjoy the one under the sink--keeps my feet toasty.

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