Pinterest is my new crack

1929SpanishFebruary 15, 2014

So we've been looking out the window of our brand new kitchen at a dying oak tree and a pile of dirt for two years now. We finally decided to tap some equity and just get the darn thing done.

Last week we met with the landscape designer and she mentioned finding ideas on Pinterest an Houzz. I think that the way Houzz is laid out is not "cracky" enough for me.

So against my better judgment, I went over to Pintrest and found this wire and moss candleabra..on Friday afternoon. Then i kept looking this morning at 4am during a bout of insomnia, later in the morning when I got up, this afternoon....okay, you get the gist. I still can't find out how and who made it.

I'm hooked on Pintrest-crack.

My thing is Provencal-French Brocante and Spanish gardens, decorating, wire crafts and antiques...that kind of crack-like stuff.

Who do you smoke on Pintrest?

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Well, I am a total plant whore, so Pinterest is my pimp for new and unique garden ideas.

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You could always say it is Medicinal Pinterest! It works in CA and CO!

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I have almost stopped using Houzz and have just never liked Pinterest. There is too much unedited junk on the former and too much "edited" junk on the latter. The track backs on Pinterest are like a GPS system that takes you through the worst neighborhoods in a town to finally get to one lovely place that might also be surrounded by stuff you don't like! Everybody has their own addiction though....I am still keeping shelter mags in business :-)

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My pinterest crack includes sewing - particularly pattern drafting tutorials and some technique tutorials; Blue and white sites - mostly decor; then specific items for decor like lighting, tiles, etc.
Lately I've been pinning tabletop decor. Tablesettings

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hahaha! Maybe you need a 12-step program for pinterest....I bet you can find it on...

...wait for it...


Here is a link that might be useful: 12-step recovery quotes

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LOL Annie!

I have never joined Pinterest as about the time I learned about it I was trying to manage my addiction to the Internet in general. So I only occasionally go there to search for specific topics. Of course I sometimes then get sucked into 'the picture/blog void'! LOL

My favorite topics on Pinterest are Bohemian style home decor, Bohemian style fashion, modern country decor, English cottage style decor, eclectic style decor, and quotes and sayings about life.

I am sooo over wanting to make every cute DIY thing I see on the net. A house can only hold so much. Don't even save pics anymore. I know when the creative urge strikes I have enough ideas to last "forevah". Or I'll just check out Pinterest again! LOL

1929, don't totally discount Houzz for landscaping ideas. I've found there are many good ones there altho one has to look a bit to find them.

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I'm so glad I'm not alone. I knew it was something I needed to stay away from. I've never been an early adopter!

Chipsa...I live in CA, but never went the medical route either! ;)

MLweaving .. I sew too, I won't even go down that rabbit hole!

Luckygal..hmmm, Bohemiam, that's a good one too...

I haven't started my own board, I just peep on everyone else' I'm a poser-pincrackhead! Is that better or worse?

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Me too, been a Pinterest 'hoe' for at least 2 years. Anything from diy's to landscaping, but also lots of others in between. It's just so darn addicting, litterally hours! ;)

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Holly- Kay

Marj! I love your table settings pin. You are a girl after my own heart. I love china and sterling and love the different settings that you posted!

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