SW Deckscapes Stain - is it really this bad?

patricenyNovember 5, 2012

Hi everyone - looking for some professional advice. Either SW deckscapes stain is a horrible product, or I did something wrong.

Brief background - I am a decent painter. I'm slow....but I can't beat my rates. (Ha-ha.) I am no professional painter either though, and I've learned a lot through the years.

I have always used Lowes paint. I know, I know...most of you guys hate the stuff. I have only had one major disaster with their paints through the years. But I keep reading here and elsewhere that everyone LOVES BM or SW paint, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I have a new front porch (wood) that needed its first staining. SW had a color that appealed to me.

The good? It went on easily, covered well and did indeed just feel like a better quality product that I'm used to from Lowes.

The bad? Every single footprint shows up on it! The final finish is very, very flat, and so every blessed time someone walks on it, it leaves behind dirt tracks that can NOT be swept off.

It is only a month or so old, and it looks absolutely horrible. I've used various other deck products through the years (on other decks), and I've never had anything that held onto dirt like this product does.

Any ideas? Did I do something wrong?

And is there any way to fix this?

I'm in New York, so my outside staining window is probably done for the year. All I know is, the first thing I'm doing this spring is re-staining that porch...and whatever I use is not likely going to be from Sherwin Williams! :(

What would you suggest for me?

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