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PhronesisFebruary 7, 2014

I'm part way through my remodel (loving the new kitchen which was the former dining room and also loving the new dining area which was a mysterious useless room off the deck) and am now planning on (a) putting french doors from the study into the living room to open things up a bit since the living room is very small and (b) buy grownup furniture.

My problem is I know I'd *like* to have two sofas (one regular size 79" and the other midsize 71" ) and, if possible another chair. But I don't know if the room would be able to handle it or, if it would, how to arrange them. I'd love to make the fireplace the focal point but I seem to be unable to figure out how to make that happen.

Currently, I have two large pieces of a sectional in there, but there's no french doors yet and I don't know if what there works or if I'm just used to it. The current arrangement is one couch against the wall opposite the front door and one with it's back to the dining area at a 90 degree angle with the first couch (and, thus, facing the fireplace)

Here's a picture of the layout of the first floor

Any thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: couch I've got my eye on

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Or, put another way, I want to maximize the amount of seating and have french doors into the office. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

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It's a very tight space. Don't worry too much about walking room. So long as there is access to doors and reasonable ease of movement, that's all that matters.

An actual pic would be helpful too, if possible.

But looking at the blueprint, if it were me, I'd pull the furniture back a bit, where you have more room. the door to the stairs makes things difficult closer to the fireplace because it opens into the LR.

I would get a nice, upholstered bench to go in front of the fireplace, which will allow you to push the rest back w/o making it look like you had to do so.

I would then get two "apartment size sofas", same size, and put them in an "L" formation, one facing the fireplace and the other with its back to the wall where the stairs door is (but not against if if that can be managed). A chair on a diagonal, facing the back sofa, by the wall next to where the French door will be. Square table in the square the two sofas will form where they meet.

Is there going to be a TV in there? That might be very tough.

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Some bench ideas, rustic/reclaimed wood; tufted/traditionl? Depends on your style.

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Tufted? (I don't know how to upload more than one pic per post).

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Oh, of possible importance is the fact that the front door is almost never used (the door into the laundry/pantry/kitchen is the most accessible and most frequently used)

I'll try to get some pictures taken and uploaded.

thanks for the bench idea. I'll play around with this

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Oh, and if, with that layout, you have room for a sofa table behind the sofa facing the fireplace, do it. It'll give the room definition and not leave that sofa floating, so to speak You can dress it up with a lamp, knickknacksâ¦.

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I might rethink adding french doors in that spot. It will limit your furniture arranging options even more. If you need light from the windows in that other room, then maybe adding windows up high on that wall to capture some light, but allow furniture to be arranged below them.

maybe like these:

Traditional Basement by Bryn Mawr Design-Build Firms Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc

Traditional Dining Room by Minneapolis Photographers Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography

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Yeah, I'm starting to think that the french doors may not be a good idea. Or, rather, I'll have to choose between seating and french doors and I'll likely choose seating.


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