Awful experience with Kitchen Company- Brookhaven cabinets

AnalipsiFebruary 18, 2013

Hello All,
I have had the most dreadful experience with the kitchen company where I bought my Brookhaven cabinets. I want to tell my story to Woodmode but can't find a contact email or customer service #. Would anyone happen to know? The website always tries to direct me to the local distributor (the place that made one mistake after another and lied day after day).
My horror story includes refusal of the company to give me an updated 3d drawing of my kitchen, an invoice for all my cabinets after repeated requests, incorrect drawings that resulted in cabinets going up wrong, incorrect cabinet drawer fronts ordered, late delivery of kitchen, etc., THe list can go on and this individual even blamed Woodmode for some of the issues, and then me for the balance. He is not taking accountability for his mistakes and I want to tell my story so that Woodmode understands not all their kitchen distributors represent them with the honesty and customer service I am assuming they expect from those that sell their brand.
Thanks so much.

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A long and very detailed letter to the CEO of the company sounds like it might be in order.

I looked it up and the CEO appears to be:

Robert L. Gronlund, CEO
Wood-Mode, Inc.
One Second Street
Kreamer, PA 17833
Telephone: (717) 374-2711
Fax: (717) 374-2700

It's a pain to write this kind of letter, but they rarely fail at getting you a call back from the company.

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GreAt advice, Jerzeegirl! By the way, is it unusual for kitchen place to refuse to give an itemized invoice after repeated requests?

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Some companies do and some don't. I had a listing of everything ordered, but not a piece by piece pricing, as I recall. I did have complete layout and elevation drawings as well as the overall description -- door styles, finishes (I had 3 of each) etc. , acknowledgement of paint finish characteristics and approval of a custom color finish sample. I had to sign off on each page before the order went in. I was also given a copy of everything. I would expect something along those lines whether you got piece by piece pricing or not.

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I had a horrible experience with my Brookhaven/Woodmode distributor as well. I was able to get a few of my issues resolved by going directly to Brookhaven/Woodmode...but nonetheless, it was quite disconcerting. It's a shame, I love my cabinets, but in a million years I would never deal with my rep again, and they are the only Brookhaven/Woodmode dealer in my area.

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Calif, did you contact the CEO as well?

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I have an itemized list of everything from Brookhaven - but it came though my KD.

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Sorry to hear everything you're experiencing, especially since I'm considering Brookhaven because my sister has Wood Mode in PA and loves them and it's one of the few cab companies KD around here work with for painted cabs, other than local custom cabinet makers and I don't trust a non factory finish in CA.

However it sounds like most of your issures are with the company you purchased thru rather than the manufacturer correct? I too would write a letter to WoodMode, much better than an email, but I would also write a letter to the contracter licensing board in your state. Hopefully you chose a company that's licensed, correct?

May even threaten with that to see if you get any traction. Also the Better Business Bureau if they're a member.

I know it's all a hassle, but necessary. Good luck and please keep us posted!

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My initial BIG issue was that my Brookhaven rep promised me a cabinet delivery time about 6 weeks out, then once I signed the contract and made my deposit, she told me that it was going to be about 12 weeks. (She was willing to let me out of my contract, but at that point I had already lined up the contractor, etc, it it was too late to order anything else). I was able to get some traction by contacting Brookhaven/Woodmode directly and got the delivery date down to about 10 weeks. I did try to go directly to the President of Brookhaven/Woodmode but, no surprise, ultimately he put me in touch with their customer service.

I had numerous issues along the way with the rep and mostly I just dealt with them and swore that I would not give her another penny or any more business once this kitchen was done...and I stuck to that.

She had some pulls in her showroom that were supposedly Woodmode pulls. I really wanted to use them on my cabinetry. When I contacted the Brookhaven/Woodmode customer service I told them I'd like to purchase them directly from them rather than going through my rep, they told me that was not possible. My options were to go through my rep or find another rep who was willing to work with me long distance to purchase the pulls. I gave up and found other pulls.....

Good luck. I really do LOVE the cabinetry but would never work with my rep again.

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califkitchen and analipsi -- I am considering Brookhaven cabinets, but after reading your posts, I am concerned. Will you share what area you're in? I'm so sorry for your frustrations. I've dealt with a few service companies that have caused me much grief and money, so I feel your pain.

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