Do dogs like ANY brand of peanut butter?

phish_gwJanuary 24, 2013

I'm going to donate peanut butter to a local animal charity. Do dogs like ANY kind? (so I can get the cheap stuff) or should I get a certain brand? Thanks!

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I'd buy the all natural stuff, that's just peanuts without salt and sugar. You can usually find some that's not all that expensive. Just don't buy it from the pet shop, it's an arm and a leg! HA! Do you have Marc's grocery stores where you live? That's where I buy it.

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Stick with creamy, not chunky. Some of the 'natural' kinds have a lot of oil at the top of the jar.I volunteer at a rescue & we stuff Kongs with pb, then freeze them & give them to the dogs for their afternoon snack. All that oil makes the pb just slide out of the Kongs and it really makes a mess. We get a lot of the natural kind & we just can't use it.

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dtkaty, what brand do you suggest? I was always told that the natural was best but it is thin. So just regular old Jif or Peter Pan?

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I just buy my grocery store's house brand, unless I find a great sale on the name brand stuff. The dogs I work with aren't brand loyal, they're just glad to have it!

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