Looking for the 'right' beige

thatgirl2478November 8, 2010

If we had white/off white trim, this wouldn't be so freakin' hard! However, we have nice old reddish oak trim and stained wood floors (red mahogany - so dark w/ a reddish cast). I've been looking for the 'right' beige for a while now, so I'm looking for suggestions!

'Right' in my mind means:

1. Not too dark or too light

2. Doesn't look like human skin on the walls (so not too peachy/pinky).


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Try posting your question on the Home Decorating forum. I believe you will get helpful feedback there. Most posters here are more technical regarding application.

Also a photo would be good and description of the lighting as many colors change with the surroundings and illumination. Good luck.

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Beiges tend to have either peachey undertones or greenish undertones.

I'd suggest a beige that has slight green undertones. Check SW strips 18-23. That will "cool" off the red in your woods.

You might even want to consider a neutral gray/green like those on SW strips 24, 25, 27. red and green are complementary colors so you'd be safe going into the green family, as long as it's the right green (not too much yellow in it).

Ask the color consultant at your local SW store for advice. Try a few of the $5 sample jars before committing to a whole gallon (which is non-returnable once tinted). Paint the sample colors on large foamboard and live with them for a few days.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the feed back - I had looked for a decorating forum, but apparently not hard enough :).

I'll stop by the SW store and check out those colors

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Here's a link to the Home Decorating forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorating forum

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I searched for the "right" beige for years- one that did not have too much yellow in it or other undertones such as red, purple or green. I finally settled on Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore. It doesn't seem to cast any of those tones and looks good when you put other strong colors against it.

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