Do you break your nails on bin/cup pulls?

3kidsonedogandusFebruary 11, 2014

Hi All

I am just about to complete a mini renovation of my galley kitchen. In the process of painting my previously stained wood cabinets in Cloud White. Have made a last minute decision to have new doors made in shaker style (previously raised panel). Am now considering hardware styles. I have been wanting, for a long time, bin pulls. My question to you is this: If you have bin/cup pulls, and you are clumsy like me, do you find that when you go to grab a bin pull, your fingers slip and you end up ripping a nail? I am always in a rush and suddenly am picturing lots of broken nails. I don't even have long nails, but my clumsiness results in even shorter (down to the quick) nails.

Does this happen to you? If so, I may have to say goodbye to my dream of having bin pulls and just use handles like I always have :(

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no. how long are your nails that this is a concern?

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No, and I have long nails : )

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I tend to have long nails. I have cup pulls in our kitchen and bathroom. No issues. I usually break mine on the washer or dryer door.

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No, and I break them on everything else.

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Thanks everyone for telling me I needn't be worried about breaking my nails. And, kateskouros, my nails are pretty darn short, but when my hand slips on something, they tend to break easily down to the quick, which is painful. But, like I said, I am just extremely clumsy and tend to grab at things quickly, resulting in broken nails. I think it is the thought of grabbing something from underneath, rather than through the top of a handle that has me thinking I'll be always breaking them. What I should do is go to a kitchen showroom and try them out, maybe slathering my hands in hand lotion first :)

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I don't like bin pulls for that reason. Go test put bin pulls at a kitchen display and see what you think. They always feel awkward in my hands and I have long fingers and standard length nails. After testing if you still Iike them, go for it!

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I prevent this type of accident by chewing mine off.

However, when I did have nails, this was a common injury for me and it hurts like hell. I actually, finally got a fungal infection from my nail being lifted up and water/moisture getting under there. Which, BTW, you can get rid of without liver-eating drugs.

Anyway, to this day, I use my index finger knuckle to pull anything open.

It's going to depend upon the depth of your pulls, I'd think.

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I have never broken a nail in my big pulls. I have long fingers, and long nails. Like Debra, it's the front loading washer and drier that get me (because you pull hard).

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Oh great so a front loader will do it too? Right now and have a top loader. The issue is your hands may be slightly wet and the heavy metal slips and hits your nails. Hopefully we are getting a front loader soon.

Really on the cup pulls, even if my hands are wet they never slip. I don't grab the pulls precisely either. Also mine are super cheap ones. Less than $1 each!

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