How do I dispose of unused gallons/quarts of paint?

pinegroveNovember 20, 2007

I would like to get rid of all the "wrong" color paint cans we have in our home. We have many, many gallons and quarts of unused paint. Mostly due to indeciveness regarding color choices.

How should I dispose of it? Is there a place that would take the paint so that they can use it?

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Donations/Re-use are one route...
Scouting organizations, Churches, Civic-Clubs, Schools(??), Habitat for Humanity...

Check if your city has a hazardous-waste facility.

Also, hardware stores usually have "paint-hardener". Pour a packet into your paint, & it solidifies into an inert "chunk". OR, pour layers into a cardboard box (lined with plastic first), & let each layer dry. Kinda like making "Paint-lasagna"!!


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I've taken lots to Habitat ReStore. You get it off your hands and can write it off as a charitable deduction, they make a few $ and someone gets some nice paint for their house at a steal ;) Everybody wins!

Link below to Re-Store to see if there's one in your area...

Here is a link that might be useful: Habitat ReStore Directory

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Latex can be thrown in the trash. It is NOT a hazardous waste.

Alkyd (oil) IS a hazardous waste and you can donate it, dry it out (leave the can open for a few days-weeks, or mix it with kitty litter and allow to dry and then in the regular trash), or take it to a hazardous waste collection site.

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Kimberly, I usually donate mine to Habitat ReStore, or it I have only small amounts I donate it to the Shop class at my son's high school. A few years ago, the shop students made the cutest 2' tall wood snowmen for their friends and families, and used the small amounts of paint they had for decorating them.

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