Shelf life of Farrow & Ball Paint

skit19November 15, 2013

We bought 2 gallons of Estate Emulsion a bit over a year and a half ago for a project that was put on hold at the last minute. The paint has been stored unopened in a fairly even temperature basement during that time.

I know that F&B recommends that the paint be used within 6 months of purchase. But does anyone with experience with this paint think that it's still OK to use if it looks and smells OK when we open it?

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I have seen F and B opened after the recommended use by date that looked like it had grown mold. I have also seen it be just fine, and cannot account for the difference. The bad was Pale Powder (Estate Emulsion) and the fine was Radicchio (same). If it looks and smells fine, I would use it.

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Thanks. We opened and used the Green Blue this morning. It seemed to be in remarkably good shape - looked and smelled like fresh Farrow and Ball paint and had surprisingly little separation.

We'll see how the gallon of Clunch fared next week.

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I would have them shaken first.

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Regardless of the brand, do NOT have the paint shaken before checking inside the can. I have had old paint grow some kind of stuff on top that had no off smell to it. Had I shaken before opening to check it would have mixed in and Id have not known about it till too late.

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