Is there a leveling paint?

ld14051November 20, 2006

I have painted stripes on my dining room wall made from alternating flat and glossy finishes of the same color paint. I'd like to paint over it but the wall finish isn't even. The glossy stripes are "thicker" if you will; they are raised up from the wall some. I would love to not have to sand the whole room to even out the walls. My SIL told me there is a leveling paint available that is extremely thick and might be able to give me a smooth wall but she can't remember the name of the paint.

Is there such a thing?

Thanks again!

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Another bump up.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Sure, most quality paints are self leveling. However, the surface must be already smooth (level) prior to painting them. Repainting a raised area will only build it up more.

That stripe edge will telegraph through after the new paint dries.

Feather sanding is the best solution. Use #220 sanding block and come calories. Work off that turkey dinner!

Be sure to prime the wall first. The alternating flat and glossy paints will also cause an uneven sheen in the finished topcoat if you skip the primer, and you'll still have stripes.


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I was afraid I'd have to sand. Thanks for the tip about priming. I wouldn't have done that.

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Another option is to use a high build leveling primer. XIM's Peel Bond is self leveling and dries to 9-10 mils in 1 coat( versus 1-2mils for most primers)

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