asthma kitty and Prednisolone

sduck2January 19, 2011

My cat has recently changed from Prednisone to prednisolone, 5mg tablets twice a day for her asthma. I recently went for a follow up visit and the vet gave me the bottle of Prednis Tab (1000) for cheaper then the presciption of 50 tabs at a time. When I got home, I noticed the bottle said "For Oral Use in Dogs Only". Does anyone know if there a difference in Prednisolone 5 mg tabs for dogs then for cats?????

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No, there is no difference. It just means the company didn't feel like killing a bunch of cats for a drug that had been already used and proven safe and effective in cats for a long time. Well, I take back the word "safe" because of course there are many many many adverse effects related to long term steroid use and sometimes even short term steroid use but they are all well documented so no reason to kill a bunch of cats just to get it labeled.

Hope your cat does well.

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I would ask your vet about using inhaled meds for your cats asthma...Steriods for the rest of your cats life is not good. I have two cats with asthma siamese. I bought the Aerokat mask to administer the inhaler daily.Many many asthmatic cats are treated with inhalers much safer for them and they work just like it would for a person

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