Update: sketchy cat

bootspurJanuary 20, 2011

After the Veterinarian trip I had learned two things about her condition. First) she had a tumor and this was spotted with ultrasound & catscan. Second) there was an abscessed tooth.

The Vet explained how long she could limp along with cancer, and she was talking about days, not weeks. So, she was asking me if she could give sketchy some palliative care meds via syringe? Antibiotics for the abscessed tooth & Steroids to alleviate the way Cancer makes one feel.

So, a week ago Last Saturday I noticed that she had really begun feeling better and by Sunday looked like herself once again. The Vet expected by a week ago last MONDAY she would be on the way down again, and by Tuesday I could bring her in to Euthanize sketchy cat.

TODAY, we are two weeks POST Veterinary appointment and my kittie has NOT begun to slide down the slippery slope toward death, she has REBOUNDED like the Dallas Mavericks. Now, the Vet was very certain that sketchy was in her last hours, but she warned that without certain other specific testing, ie., (blood screen) & (biopsy) a 100% certain diagnosis cannot be attained.

The abscessed tooth appears to be cleared up although today I called to ask if I should continue to treat with antibiotics because it is hard to believe that one shot knocked out the infection totally. That said she is her old-self again, but I want to be sure the infection is gone.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have a benign tumor, cats often have these according to the Vet.

Toothache - causing fever and listlessness, yes that can get very bad, but that is easily treatable with antibiotics.

sketchy says thank you for ALL of the GOOD suggestions;)

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spedigrees z4VT

I'm so glad your Sketchy is feeling so much better.

Absolutely your vet should prescribe a course of antibiotics for the tooth infection. All I can think is that perhaps she felt that your kitty would succumb to cancer so quickly, why bother. But if it were my cat I would insist on it.

I've seen animals with cancer far outlive the vet's prognosis. My sister's mare seemingly regained good health and lived for a year with uterine cancer which apparently went into remission. The vet had warned that this type of tumor was very aggressive and predicted that she would not have long to live. So predictions are not engraved in stone.

It might be that the dental infection was dragging Sketchy down and compromising her immune system, and now she may be able to rally against the cancer longer than expected. But I would request a 10 day or 2 week course of clindamycin to really knock out the infection. Bacteria has a way of bouncing back with greater vigor and immunity if antibiotics are stopped too soon.

Good luck and I do hope your kitty will be with you longer than the doctor has predicted, and that she continues to feel better.

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oh thanks for coming back and updating us on sketchy! animals can really surprise us. I took my very sick dog to the vet and after testing was told she only had weeks to live because her kidney results were so bad. she had fluid therapy, meds and presciption food and bounced back to a very happy healthy little girl and was with us for another 14 months which totally shocked the vet.

I think when you get a grim diagnosis you have to accept that each day is a blessing and you dont know how long they will be with you but animals can certainly bounce back sometimes and do well for much longer than expected too.

are you going to get the blood test and biopsy done? Until it's fully diagnosed, it is possible that the tumor is benign and her main issue is with her teeth. Did the vet expect the abscess to clear with the antibiotics or will it keep coming back - those are the things I would want be asking the vet.

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Yes, thank you for the update.
The abscessed tooth is something you can take care of... so concentrate on that. You don't want the infection to go too deep in the blood stream.. Once she gets better, ask the vet if she needs extraction/dental work... As for the 'tumor', hopefully it is a benign one. Take one day at a time..

So glad Sketchy is feeling her old self. You two take care,

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That's great! It certainly is good to hear some good news for a change. I hope your kitty has many many more good days of feeling good.

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