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suzyqueFebruary 16, 2014

I am trying to choose floor tile and counter tops that will go with my existing maple cabinets. I would like opinions of the floor tile pictured and welcome ideas for counter top colors.

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Carrie B

Love the tile!

I'm really, really new to this, but, I'd think if I had that tile, with so much variation & color, I'd want to go with a solid color countertop - maybe pick up some of what looks like a creamy/beige/sand/tan color in the tile and go with that, since your cabinets seem to pick up on the reddish gold tones so well.

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I agree with carrieb ... keep it simple on the countertops (quartz maybe?) if you go with that tile (which is lovely!).

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Agree! When choosing backsplash, countertop, and floor - I think it looks best when only one has a busy (high variation) pattern.

Realize dressing a home has a lot in common with clothing.

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Agree on the solid, or near solid countertops. Just remodeled two kitchens in duplex and used solid color quartz in matte finish.

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Something dark, almost black in a matte finish would look good to me... soapstone? honed, or leathered granite? or black quartz...

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Thanks everyone for your input on the floor tile and advice on the counter tops. I am going shopping today for counter tops and will keep your advice in mind. The tile in the picture is Armstrong Alterna (an LVT product). Has anyone used this product??? What are your experiences??? We wanted something that would stand up to water (this floor seems to do that--poured water on and left for awhile--came back--water did not penetrate at all. I am told this product is warmer than real tile and, in my opinion, looks more like tile than vinyl sheet. Any thoughts....

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I have Alterna in a guest bath. Yes, it will stand up to water because it is crushed limestone with a vinyl wear layer. It looks much like tile when grouted, though it has a rougher texture than porcelain. The grout is Armstrong's own--I believe it's non-staining like an epoxy.

I have porcelain tile in my kitchen. IMO, the 'warmer than tile" argument is a bunch of hooey. I mean, yes, it is, but who stands in their kitchen in bare feet in the winter? Sometimes I will venture in in socks, but I don't have to call in a dog sled to rescue me. Same goes for the "softer than tile" argument. I can't say that LVT is any softer than my porcelain. My 59 year old legs don't get tired unless I'm in the kitchen for an hour, and that happens less and less these days.

I think the tile in your photo is very orange, and coupled with the yellow of the maple, it will read "Always Autumn" in your kitchen. I'd go with a cooler, more neutral color, maybe a lighter version of the blue-gray that is in that tile.

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I have this in all of my bathrooms. I love it and it still looks new. We chose a very light tile with darker grout. I personally would not go with that busy of a floor. I would get tired of it, but that's just me. I don't want people's eye being drawn to my floors.

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