Dog's hives becoming one big hive.

caflowerluverJanuary 28, 2010

My mini Dachshund was bitten by an yellow jacket, or some other insect, on her muzzle last Sunday. She swelled up all around her face and neck and got hives. This has happened before so followed the vets advice from last time. The swelling went down in a day or so. She was also lethargic, off her feed with soft stools. She now seems to be fine and has returned to her normal eating and activity.

But there was one thing that was new, the individual hives have become one big hive on her back. It is like they merged toghether. I have never seen this before. Should I be concerned?


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I would be concerned. I think you should get her to the vet and have her checked.
Surely this is uncomfortable for her........

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She still has hives 5 days after she was bitten? I agree with annz, the poor thing must be very uncomfortable. She's not rubbing and trying to scratch her back?

I'd get her to the Vet right away. It might be that the toxins/histamines may still be active in her system. I'd be concerned that the problem swelling might go to her throat and hamper her breathing.

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Good that you got her to the vet. Good luck and I hope you post with her progress

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Now the big hive disappeared in one day! Really strange. She is back to normal or at least her skin is. And she did not act like she had any itch nor did she ever scratch at any time. And no problem breathing or drinking or eating. Don't know what bit her but it was the same kind of reaction she had to yellow jackets last summer. I had called the vet on Monday, forgot to mention that, and she said to do what I did last time and no need to see her.
Thanks for the replies.

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