Please help w/ texture showing on wall!

blondie859111November 28, 2010

Good morning,

I am painting new sheetrock which was professionally primed using 2 coats SW sheetrock primer- forget the name but had the number 4 in it.

I am doing 2 coats of Corondo Paint in Silver Plume, which is beautiful, but I am getting this awful "fuzzy" or "textured" finish. I am using a 3/8 inch nap. I have no roller marks, just this awful texture. Is there a better roller I should be using, or maybe thin the paint a bit?

Thank you for any assistance.

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If you are talking about roller stipple, this is the normal effect you get when using a roller. The stipple doesn't show up as much with primer as it does with finish paint so that could be why you are seeing it more pronounced now. It could also be that you are using improper technique, cheap roller covers or cheap paint. You want to apply the paint heavy enough so that when the paint dries, the roller stipple subsides down into the paint film. Definately don't use those roller covers that come in the cheap jumbo packs. You should select a Wooster Pro-Dooz, Purdy White Dove or a Corona brand roller cover.

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Hi Paintguy,
Thanks for answering my post. The story has an interesting outcome.
I am using the Purdy roller (and everything else- love their stuff) and was no getting lines, as much as little balls of silt-like material which made a terrible texture.
I called Coronado and they were wonderful. It seems somewhere in transit or storage the paint had been exposed to freezing temps and made those little textured balls in the paint, which made the bad texture.
I bought another gallon for my next room, because I love their neutrals and love the velvety finish, and had no problems. BUT I did learn a lot from your post about painting heavy enough, and it really shows in my latest room. Thanks so much!

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