Painting Stained Wood Trim and Doors

justmommaNovember 15, 2011

After reading many posts on here, and talking with people in the know, we have decided to paint all of our 6 panel stained and polyed pine doors, trim and windows. We have all natural maple floors on the first floor. This is a huge undertaking and like all of us, I don't want to put all this energy and time and end up with a subpar project.

Over the years, I have done pretty much anything to do with finishing, refinishing, painting, drywall, etc., without a problem, but this project is freaking me out a bit.

I do plan on taking all the doors off and working on a flat surface, but all trim will remain in place. I plan on lightly sanding down all surfaces, wiping clean, primer, topcoat.

So here is where I need some wise opinions:

How should I prep these doors, trim, windows,

Which primer, oil or water; can't say I love oil;

Which paint, I prefer BM, which finish;

and any other great tips you can throw my way!

We built this house ourselves in 1996, the kids are all in college now and we are empty nesters and are looking to sell and downsize in a couple years.

Thanks so much!


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


The trim, doors and window sashes need to be clean and dull. That's easy to do with Dirtex and #220 sandpaper.

Be sure to caulk any gaps between trim and walls, door and window jambs, etc. (Those areas are not usually caulked when stained). Caulk after washing, sanding and primer.

Primer. Fresh Start acrylic latex primer. You certainly don't need the inconvenience of alkyd primer.

Paint. Aura, in Satin unless you like a higher sheen.

A high quality paint brush for both the primer and the paint. For primer, a Purdy XL. You want a stiffer brush for primer. For paint, a Purdy Chinex. Or, your choice of any equivalent brushes.

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Caulking...only exerience is in bathrooms.
Should this be paintable caulk, or just try to match paint color?

Have used Aura in a new bath couple years ago, but I remember that I had to work extremely fast, sets fast. I am doing panel doors and really won't be able to look for any drips, etc. Nice finish, but it left steam marks coming down wall, and BM folks told me that it has been reformulated and does not do that now! Thoughts on Impervo?

Thanks sooo much!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Paintable caulk! Never bring silicone inside the house. Dynaflex 320 is a good one.

Any of the high quality waterborne enamels require a faster work time. If you're doing the doors on the horizontal, drips shouldn't worry you, puddled paint is the concern. Paint out of corners, not into them and that will alleviate the chance of puddles.

Impervo is Ok. The waterborne is satin sheen.

(use bath paint in bathrooms)

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