BM Affinity Color--Can SW match it? (Hurry please)

beekeeperswifeNovember 18, 2010

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Spoke with the painter last night wrapping up the details on colors. The color for my Living Room will be Wasabi, by BM. It's an Affinity color. Since I am doing that High Gloss ceiling in the foyer, he is getting the paint from Sherwin Williams (as previously discussed here). I am sure he is going to just have the SW store match the other paint colors.

Well, last night, during the middle of the night, of course, I woke straight up. This was my tired brain: "Isn't there something special about the Affinity colors that prevents others from matching?". This Wasabi is an odd color, I will admit, and if it isn't exactly right it really could look like what those of you with infants see in the diaper sometimes... ;-)

He will of course go to BM for me if I ask him, I just want to know if I need to do that. He is coming Monday, so paint is probably being ordered today or tomorrow.


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Can SW make a color that looks like BM - sure they do it every day and vice versa. Will it match in every light - no. Safest bet is to get samples first so you can decide if it's good enough.

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I have not had good experience with SW attempting to match other brands' colors. I have not specifically attempted Affinity colors. I believe that a certain amount of the success has to do with the rep's eye at your particular paint store, but a certain amount has to do with specific components of the paint and how similar they are to the pigments and bases of the paint that you wish to match.

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fyi...the painter did just go over to BM for me. He knew I was a little worried about it being right. And it looks great, btw.

He also commented to my dh that "she wasn't always like this"...thanks GW.

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Our painter only uses SW and attempted to color match and it was way off. I believe BM when they say no other mfg can match because they use their own special pigments. Glad your painter went directly to BM unlike ours who messed up the color and time and money and now can't finish outside, until next year, due to the weather.

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