jenesNovember 12, 2010

I need to buy a new stepladder to paint near the ceiling, and I'm wondering if there's anything specific I should look for. I do have a stairwell to paint, but I might hire a pro for that. Our ceilings are just 8-foot, but it would be nice if we could use it for other things that come up - who knows what (although we already own an extension ladder for the outside of the house). Thanks for any advice.

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If you can store the ladder indoors, I like fiberglass ladders because they are not conductive. As a home DIYer, I sometimes do electrical so it's another level of safety for me. For a 6 ft ladder, the weight difference between a fiberglass and aluminum ladder is only a pound or two so not a big deal here.

Keep in mind the weight ratings of you, your clothes, tools, and anything you might take up the ladder such as wood, paint, etc.

Werner and Little Giant make convertible ladders that can be used as step, extension, or scaffolding (with some boards). You can use these on stairs by making one side shorter than the other. I think these are aluminum only though.

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Thanks, I never would have thought about conductivity, and that's exactly why I wanted to ask for some advice before purchasing.

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As a small woman, I prefer a lightweight ladder. The difference between a 13 pound aluminum ladder and a 16 pound fiberglass ladder is significant to me when I'm constantly moving it while painting. But fiberglass ladders feel more steady.

I do very little electrical work and when I do, I flip the circuit breaker.

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I have a step ladder. I never knew my real ladder.
For a house with 8 foot ceilings, the 6 foot ladder is good choice.

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We have a few ladders but the one that gets used all the time inside is the 4ft. It's tall enough to do anything with our 8 1/2ft ceilings but the great thing about it, is it is just so much easier to move around indoors without banging against walls etc. I'm a short person but by the time you're 3ft up a ladder you can reach anything with a standard ceiling. I use it to paint, to change bulbs, to clean the rangehood etc but I find carrying a taller ladder around the house both heavy and just awkward, the 4ft I can carry upright without having to turn it sideways and knocking it against anything. But if you are going to use it for electrical work, even though the power should be turned off, then a fibreglass is better because it's not conductive.

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I have a shorter ladder and also other sizes of ladders and this one is the one I use the most, I love it! Nice to hang on to when changing bulbs, painting, etc. I like the broad steps for added security. The top holder folds in when not needed

I bought mine at Menard's a few years ago

Here is a link that might be useful: ladder

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