Vicki_ILFebruary 15, 2013

I have a question.... I would love to paint the woodwork around the ceiling and floor of my bathroom white. Just the bathroom. My question is - can I do this without having to paint the rest of the woodwork in the house the same color or can I leave it oak? There's some damage from the last painting job, tape, etc. that I was not there to supervise, so it needs something. Also, if I can just paint that one room, where's the "cut-off" with the doorway, etc? Thanks!

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I would leave the jam stained and just the interior portion of the bathroom painted.

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How snookums2 explained it is how we have it.

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Elraes Miller

Paint the inside trim and door. Don't paint the door frame where the hinges are or the edge of door. Your bath will look refreshing with the change.

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